Embracing being a ‘Mummy Blogger’


When I first started out blogging, I resisted calling myself a Mummy Blogger. I blogged about being a mum, sure, but I also blogged about beauty, fashion, and interiors – I was determined to prove that there was more to me than being a mum!

When you hear the words ‘mummy blogger’, the chances are that the person saying it will have a kind of sneering tone – a disbelief that blogging about life as a parent could ever be a ‘thing’ – and, even amongst other bloggers, I noticed a general feeling that mummy bloggers were looked down on.

But after a year of blogging, I think my posts have settled down into what I would loosely describe as ‘family lifestyle’ – family days out, capturing our daily life, and posts from me reflecting on parenting. I’ve come to realise that the posts I’m most proud of are firmly in the ‘mummy blogger’ camp; somewhat unsurprising perhaps, as this is also the area of my life that is most important to me.  I love being a mum, I’m so proud to see my little boy growing up, and I want to capture all of those little moments both for me, and for him. These are my most heartfelt posts, and they’re also the easiest to write – the words just spill out on the page and before I know it I’ve got a fully formed post. I think that says it all: I am a Mummy Blogger at heart.

So I stopped caring about the labels – why should I be embarrassed about blogging about my life as a mum? I’m not going to let society dictate to me that motherhood is something to be sneered at, something not worthy of a space on the internet. I’ve found so much value in reading other mummy blogs – posts which have given me someone’s real life experience of something I’m struggling with, posts which make you feel less alone, posts which make you laugh, posts which inspire you. Whether you’re a cynic or you wear your heart on your sleeve, there will be a mummy blogger out there who you can relate to. And when you’re struggling to come to terms with life as a new mum, or the changes that parenthood throws at you, it’s always a relief to know that you’re not alone.

Are you a blogger? I’d love to know how you feel about the mummy blogger label – do you embrace it? Or do you not even feel it has any negative associations?