The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 20


I’m so pleased to have reached 20 weeks pregnant! The halfway point! I just need to do this much again and then all being well we should have a baby with us!


What’s going on with the baby

The baby is now around the length of a banana, around 10 inches from head to heel. They may well suck their thumb, practising their sucking reflex, and are moving about more and more, doing little somersaults.


What’s going on with me


Being 20 weeks pregnant is all about the anomaly scan, isn’t it? I think part of the reason lots of people get so caught up in the excitement of finding out the baby’s sex is to put aside the thought that the anomaly scan might reveal something more serious. I know I always worry with every scan that there will be something wrong. But thankfully ours was smooth, with no abnormalities detected. It was quite a functional scan – not much chatter going on – but it was lovely to see how much the baby had developed from the 12 week scan. Unlike the 12 week scan we seemed to catch it sleeping, so I think the sonographer had a slightly easier job than last time!

And in exciting news, we found out that baby number two is going to be a little boy! We’re team blue! I’m so pleased and I love the thought that this time next year I’ll have two little boys running (or crawling) around! For me, there’s something about knowing whether you’re having a boy or a girl that suddenly makes everything seem that bit more real. I love being able to refer to the baby as ‘he’ now!

We decided that after the 20 week scan was a good time to tell Max about his little brother. I think 20 weeks gives him enough time to get his head around the concept, but isn’t too long for a two year old to wait. I have to admit that I was worried about how he would take the news. He’s not generally a fan of change or disruption to his routine, so I was prepared to do a lot of work in preparing him for his little brother. We’d planted the seed a few weeks back when we talked about my sister having a baby and his cousin having a little sister, but his reactions to babies in general has been a bit hit and miss – sometimes he likes them and will say ‘cute!’ at them, while other times he is adamant that he wouldn’t like us to have a baby. But when we told him he couldn’t have been more excited. His eyes lit up and he literally jumped around the room with excitement.

It’s sunk in pretty quickly as well and he’s fully grasped the idea that there is a baby inside mummy’s tummy (I thought that was quite a strange one for him to get his head around, but he accepted it very quickly!). He constantly wants to touch my tummy and say hello to the baby and has been showing him all his favourite toys (which he promises he’ll share!). He was even keen for the baby to sleep in his bed with him, but I told him that babies could be noisy so he would sleep with us to make sure Max didn’t get disturbed. “Baby… cry”, he said, nodding sagely, and my heart swelled a little bit.



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