The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 25


25 weeks pregnant now – there’s something about 25 weeks that seems like a huge marker! 15 weeks to go suddenly doesn’t feel long at all and I’m starting to feel like we need to get things in gear – we’ve been far more laid back about organising things this time around!


What’s going on with the baby


By this week the baby will be starting to grow hair and you would be able to see what colour it will be! Interestingly, Max was born with a sprinkling of quite dark hair, which then promptly fell out, leaving him adorably bald, before a head of blond hair came through. It’s one of the things I’m wondering a lot about the new baby – will he be a blondie like his brother, or dark like me and his dad? One of the most interesting things I read this week was that the baby has a sense of balance at this stage, and can start to position themselves in the right way for birth.


What’s going on with me


It’s been another tough week this week. It started off ok, but on Tuesday I woke up with a terrible migraine, which got worse throughout the day, and then saw me being endlessly sick again through the afternoon and into the night. With my husband going away on Wednesday for the rest of the week, it was pretty bad timing. I decamped to my parents and despite originally planning only to stay for one night, we ended up staying until Saturday. Luckily Max loved his ‘sleepover’ at Grandma and Grandad’s and it was great to have two extra pairs of hands available – particularly in the night, as he didn’t have his best week’s sleep. And my husband is back home now and I couldn’t be more relieved! Even though this week has been much tougher going than last week, I feel far less down about things, so I’m hoping that the emotional mood swings last week were just a blip.

Thankfully the sickness stopped with the headache, so I don’t think it’s a sign of things returning. But the acid reflux has continued to be pretty nasty. I’ve tried Gaviscon, but it doesn’t seem to be massively effective, and to be frank, it tastes vile.

I am sleeping a bit better now though, with the help of my massive pregnancy pillow from Snuggle Up. Last time around I had a Dream Genii, but I hated being limited to sleeping on my left. I know this is supposedly the best position to encourage your baby into a great birthing position, but I slept on my left last time from 26 weeks and Max still ended up back to back, so this time I’m not paying too much attention to that.

We’re starting to have discussions about names – I find it one of the most difficult things to decide on! My husband doesn’t tend to be very forthcoming with suggestions but we think we’ve found one we both like. But it seems somehow limiting to only have one on the list, so I’m keen to come up with others that we like, just to give us more to choose from. So far, everything else I’ve suggested has been dismissed though – either it was the name of an old work colleague who was disliked, or too childish, or just not liked.

I’m looking forward to my next midwife appointment at 28 weeks. It feels like such a long time between 16 weeks and 28 weeks, and at 28 weeks it will really feel like I don’t have too much longer to go! Unfortunately I need to take Max with me to that one as the timing is a bit awkward, and I know they need to take blood again which I always find an unpleasant experience and even more so with trying to distract a toddler. I’m going to arm myself with toys and chocolate and hope for the best!

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