The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 26


26 weeks pregnant now and despite lots of moans about what a struggle it all is, I have to say the second trimester is flying by! I can’t believe next week will be my last second trimester update. Everyone said that the second pregnancy would go so much more quickly, and that’s definitely been the case – I feel like we suddenly have so much to do before we’re ready for a baby!


What’s going on with the baby


This week, the baby will start to open it’s eyes! Until now, they’ve been fused shut to allow the retina to develop, but from now on they will be able to open and the baby can see. They weigh around 2lbs and are about 35cm long – suddenly that feels really quite big!


What’s going on with me


This week I had the Glucose Tolerance Test for potential Gestational Diabetes. No symptoms to suggest this was a worry, but I tick quite a few of the boxes which are potential risk factors (diabetes in the family, slightly overweight, and PCOS), so this was booked in for me a long time ago. The bonus over last time is that my current hospital just ask you to drink 400ml of lucozade, rather than having to dissolve a load of sugar in warm water and somehow keep it down, which is what I had to do last time around. I’ve not heard anything back yet results-wise, but that’s a good sign, as I was told if the results were positive then I’d receive a phone call within 48 hours. So hopefully another hurdle jumped through!

The baby’s kicks have become much stronger this week and he’s really going for it in there! I’m really loving the Kicks Count app which has really reassured me that this baby has specific patterns of movement. He can be quiet for a long time, which I know would have worried me in my first pregnancy, but then when he’s awake he’ll be having a little party in there! I also know now that there are specific times in the day when he’s likely to be awake, so I can keep an eye out for those.

The back pain has definitely kicked in properly this week though, which isn’t unexpected, but does seem early to me. I’m really struggling to lift Max now, which is a problem, as he’s going through a bit of a clingy phase lately and does want a lot of pick ups and cuddles.

And in other news, my little sister had her second baby this week – a little girl! It was so lovely to meet her for the first time, although it was a bit of a shock when I picked her up and she felt so light and tiny. It seems hard to believe now that Max was ever that small, and it seems crazy that in a few months we’ll be holding our own teeny baby.

I’ve also entered nesting mode! Perhaps it’s the reality of seeing a newborn and it all feeling that much closer but I suddenly feel we have so much to sort! We’ve made a start on buying some of the things we need for the baby. We picked up our Snuzpod this week, although we still face the daunting task of building it, and I’ve bought a Sleepyhead, which we never had the first time around but I’m desperately hoping that this baby takes to it. Anything’s worth a try, right?


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