The Pregnancy Diaries: Week 28


28 weeks pregnant and into the third and final trimester! Every week now seems like such a huge step closer to meeting our newest family member. I’m starting to feel like it’s close and that we need to be sorting everything out in preparation – there’s really not that much to do this time around, but I’m definitely getting that nesting urge now.


What’s going on with the baby

The baby is now about the size of an aubergine which is starting to get quite sizeable I think! He now has tiny eyelashes, and his sense of sight may have developed enough to see light coming in from the outside world. He’s piling on the fat ready to make his entrance into the world in about 12 weeks time!


What’s going on with me

This week has been a much better one sickness-wise and Max and I have managed to get out every day. We’ve taken advantage of the good weather and been exploring some local gardens – some new, and some regular haunts.

On Monday I had my 28 week midwife appointment. These are few and far between in a second pregnancy, so I was actually looking forward to it, despite the prospect of having more blood taken. I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat though, which was amazing, as I’ve not heard it since our scan at 9 weeks – such an amazing sound hearing it gallop away! And despite feeling enormous, when the midwife measured my bump, it was actually a centimetre under for the weeks. Nothing to worry about though, so everything’s looking good. Apart from the transverse (sideways lie) position of the baby, but plenty of time for him to shift about still.

I do find it strange that so much information in pregnancy is left to you as the patient to research and find out what’s normal and what’s not. I’m not sure if it’s assumed that because it’s my second I know it all already, but I’m not really asked any questions in my appointments, and I’m definitely not given much in the way of information. It doesn’t overly worry me though, as I’m a big researcher and to be fair, I don’t really have too many questions.

The kicking has gone a bit crazy this week! It feels like the baby is determined to wake me up in the morning as he likes to have a little party first thing. It’s not a big deal though, as Max is equally determined to wake me up nice and early – I’m sure they’re going to make a great little wake up team once they’re together!

In nursery prep, I built the Snuzpod! Baby brain was fully in gear though, because if it was possible to chose the wrong way round to put a piece, I did. It took double the estimated time to build it, but I’m so pleased. Max was really excited to see it too and is really keen to see his little brother’s room coming together. I’m keeping it in the baby’s room for now, but can’t wait until closer to the time when we can set it up in our room.


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