Living Arrows 1/52


You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth

– Kahlil Gibran

Another year of Living Arrows begins! I only started joining in with this photo project halfway through last year, so I’m really looking forward to capturing a whole year in 2017. I’ve loved that it’s encouraged me to capture photos of Max throughout the year and to really document all those little childhood moments. It’s lovely to look back over the year’s photos and see how much he’s changed and I can’t wait to do that at this time next year.

Our Christmas didn’t quite go as planned – Max came down with a nasty case of chickenpox on Christmas Eve, so lots of our plans had to change. But he dealt with it so well, and I loved seeing his little face when he realised that Father Christmas had brought him the fire engine he’d asked for! Watching him play with it for hours over Christmas made all the effort, all the hype, all the crazy running around, worth every second.



Living Arrows
  • The Mama Story

    Ah sorry about the pox – hope he enjoyed some of Christmas regardless. It’s hard when things don’t go to plan at this time of year. Happy 2017!

  • Oh no, what terrible timing! So glad you still had a lovely Christmas though – l love his little concentration face xx

  • Laura @dearbearandbeany

    still can’t believe he got choked pox for Christmas! I’m pleased the excitement of his fire engine helped take his mind of it. Hopefully it meant he didn’t mind staying in with all his new toys to play with X

  • I heard of a lot of children getting chicken pox over Christmas this year, such a shame but glad it didn’t spoil his day. It’s great when a toy really captures their imagination he looks totally engrossed. #livingarrows

  • Toby Goes Bananas

    Aww, such a shame to have the pox for Christmas. At least he had the excitement of new presents to distract him though. #LivingArrows

  • Topfivemum

    Ohhh this is a new one for me….and I can start 1/52 for 2017 right now. Thanks so much for helping me discover it! #livingarrows

  • Donna Wishart

    I am so glad to have you joining in again this year. I love this photo – troy loves laying on the floor like that too and the fire engine looks awesome! x

  • such a shame that Max was poorly for Christmas, sounds like he was a real trooper and handled it well though. lovely photo x

  • Awww bless, being poorly over Christmas is the worst! I am glad that Father Christmas brought him that lovely fire engine! #LivingArrows