Me and Mine: A Family Portrait in July


I can’t quite believe that it’s been a whole month since our last Me and Mine post, but the calendar says it has, so it must be true! We’re definitely settling into life as a family of four now and getting into the swing of things a bit more, even if the days are passing by in a bit of a blur!

Our photos this month were taken on my birthday, when we decided to mark the occasion by taking a trip to Mayfield Lavender (you can read the full post here). It was a bit of a fail as far as family photos go – call it baby brain, but I seem to have lost the ‘foot’ which attaches the camera to the tripod. A fact I only realised as we started to set it up! So we had to balance the camera rather precariously on top of the tripod – thankfully it was all fine! And then after we’d taken just a couple it started to rain, so we didn’t get as many chances as we might have liked, and Ben pretty much slept through it all, but still – I’m happy with how they turned out.




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