Me and Mine: A Family Portrait in November


I really think that autumn is the best season for children – there is so much to discover, collect, and explore, and we’ve been making the most of it this month and getting out a lot. We had another brief trip down to Cornwall at the start of the month, and we’ve had days out to hunt gruffalo, and to various National Trust properties, as well as getting ready for Christmas.

We had Max’s first parent’s evening since he’s been in Pre-School, and it was so lovely to hear how much he’s come on in the last few months and how much his teacher’s obviously think of him. I’ve had some concerns in the past about him being a bit behind his peers, and especially in terms of him controlling his emotions, but hearing his key worker talk about him I clearly have nothing to worry about!

We’re now into the school application process and I think we’ve agreed on our choices. It’s just a case of filling in the form and pressing submit now! I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around – whenever people said that I’d always secretly think, “it’s 3 years, that’s ages”, but I understand now just how fast those years go by. It seems impossible that my little boy will be ready to start school in less than a year and I’m so conscious now of wanting to soak up all of the time we have together now.

Ben had a tough start to the month, with more than a few days where nothing seemed to comfort him. When he’s happy, he really is the happiest baby, but when he’s not happy, boy, do you know about it! We revisited the doctor and we’ve increased his ranitidine dose for his reflux and that seems to have done the trick so far. He’s also been going through lots of developmental leaps – he’s just started rolling over, and he’s found his feet, which I find super cute, and particularly fascinating as Max never went through the grabbing his feet phase. I’ll tentatively say that his sleeping has improved too – 3 hours seems to be his standard, with bad nights now being every 2 hours, but he’s thrown in the odd 5 hour stint which I definitely feel encouraged by!

Watching the developing relationship between Max and Ben is the best thing ever. Ben thinks Max is the most hilarious person in the world, and seeing him giggle away at him is just heart melting. I’d expected it to take some time for the two of them to bond, but it really has been an instant thing, and just continues to build. There are still times when I have to remind Max to be gentle, or to back off and leave him alone for a bit, but the two of them are just besotted with each other.


Katy, John, Max and Ben, sitting on white bench in the autumn sunshine

Katy holding Ben, both wearing grey bobble hats, Katy wearing burgundy pinafore and Ben wearing navy bear suit, stood in front front of lake with autumn trees in background


I love our family photos this month. We took them last weekend on the most beautiful autumn day – gorgeous sunshine and enough of a chill in the air to warrant wearing bobble hats and put a flush on your cheeks.


Katy stood in front of lake, throwing baby Ben into the air. Figures are dark silhouettes with bright sunshine and autumn leaves behind


Closeup of baby being thrown into the air. Baby is wearing a navy bear suit and has a big smile on his face


It’s felt like November has ended on a really good note, and we’re all already excited for December, and all the festive fun it has in store!



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