Me and Mine: A Family Portrait in October



Hasn’t October flown by in a flash? Perhaps because it’s been a really busy month which we’ve filled with so many autumnal activities. We love autumn and I can’t get enough of being outside, especially when the weather is as nice as it’s been. We’ve been pumpkin picking, conker hunting, making apple crumble, picking sweetcorn, and crunching through leaves. Trips out to RHS Wisley, to Painshill Park, to Chessington, to the pumpkin patch, and to Winkworth Arboretum, where we took this month’s family photos.

We visited Winkworth earlier in the year to see the bluebells and took our April family photos there, and I knew it would be beautiful come October, so we headed there to see the autumn colours. It was a difficult trip in a lot of ways, as Max had got up very early that morning, and announced just 5 minutes into the walk that he was tired. So I was quite surprised that we made it all the way down to the boathouse and around the lake, but we did, and we found a lovely spot for our photo. Max always perks up when it’s time for the photos, as he loves to press the switch on the remote! It was the perfect autumn day, gorgeous sunshine and a really crisp feel in the air. Chilly enough to put a flush on your cheeks but not so cold that you needed a coat.

I love that you can see so clearly in this photo series how quickly Ben is growing up. Just a couple of months ago he was asleep in the photos, and had to be held close so it was hard to see his face. Now he’s holding his head up, sitting up, and even looking at the camera (sometimes!). Although he wasn’t in the best mood for these photos – I’m definitely now experiencing the difficulty of finding a photo where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling.

But my goodness, it’s also been the month where Ben has forgotten how to sleep. He’s been very up and down with his sleep. For the first 6 weeks of his life, we thought we’d lucked out this time with a good sleeper – he’d happily do 6 hours straight at night. But when we started putting him down earlier in the evening, rather than taking him to bed with us, that all stopped and he would wake up like clockwork after 3 hours. But in October, it’s just got worse and worse – the 3 hours became every 2, and then every hour. There are so many things going on with him that I’m not even sure where we are with it now – sleep regression, colds, hunger. I’m hanging in there by a thread and just hoping he turns a corner with it soon!



John holding Ben, Katy holding Max, stood in front of lake with full view of the lake, boathouse, and trees behind





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