Me and Mine: A Family Portrait in August


August has been a month of so many ups and downs for us! We’re definitely settling into life together as a family of four now – the day to day is becoming easier, and it feels like Ben has always been a part of our family. He’s such a little ray of sunshine, and is just such an easy going little guy. He’s really developing into a little character now – you just have to smile and him, and you get a flurry of smiles back at you. And although he’s always done this funny little squawk laugh, this week he’s started laughing properly and it’s just the best sound in the world!

At the start of the month, John took a second lot of paternity leave and we had so many plans. We were going to go to Legoland, the beach, Chessington, and lots of gardens, both ones we already love, and new ones further afield. It started off really well – we crammed in so much! We had a fantastic day at Legoland, and Max drove the L-Drivers cars for the first time. I couldn’t have been prouder, watching him drive around the little track, avoiding the pile-ups that were happening in front of him!

We also had a great trip to Castle Ashby – somewhere I’d wanted to visit for ages – which you can read about here.¬†Our photos this month were taken on that trip and I’m so pleased that was when we chose to take them as it was such a perfect family day out – we returned exhausted, but with big beaming smiles on our faces. And those smiles are on our faces here too – just look at our big grins! I love the way that Ben is looking up at John too – so cute!


Katy holding Ben, John holding Max at Castle Ashby


The weekend after that trip we had a family wedding and it was the kind of day that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was a bit concerned about how Max would behave, and I was really worried about whether we’d actually get him in his wedding outfit. Having seen his reaction to a full on smart waistcoat ensemble I knew that wasn’t going to fly, so we opted for a simple linen shirt and shorts, but he still wasn’t keen. Thankfully we got him in them and he behaved really well during the ceremony, only having to leave when John took Ben out as he was crying and Max just couldn’t cope with not going too! It was the latest he’s ever stayed up and he thought it was a real treat, although was absolutely shattered by the end. But he surprised me by asking for milk and Paw Patrol before bed as we walked through the door – we’d popped him in his pyjamas before we left in the hope we could do the smooth transfer from the car to bed. No chance!

After that though, the rest of the month has just been plagued by illness. First John, then Max, and finally me and Ben. I’ve never seen Max so wiped out by something, he really wasn’t himself – just moping around the house for a whole week. And it’s taken it out of me too – being up with Ben so much in the night has left me with very little in me to fight off a bug, and I’ve developed sinusitis, which at one point was giving me such painful toothache I thought I was going to need teeth extracted!

But despite the illness, I have so many wonderful memories of this month to look back on. Every month has so many milestones and memories when you have a baby in the family!



Katy holding Ben, Max, and John standing in front of purple perovskia and nepeta



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