Sharing the Blog Love – Showcase 34


A big welcome to our weekly #SharingtheBlogLove Blogger Showcase!

If you’re new to #SharingtheBlogLove, these are mine and Laura’s favourite posts from last week’s linky. As part of the linky we’d like you to choose one post from each showcase post to head over and leave a comment to show them some extra blog love. It’s always lovely to take a look at our featured posts this week and see how many extra comments they’ve had from you guys!


Sparkles and Stretchmarks

As bloggers, I suspect we all take more photos of our children than the average parent. Even when we’re on a non-blog related day out, I still want to capture those memories on camera to look back on happy times, and for our children to look back on when they’re older. But there’s definitely a point where taking photos becomes the point of the day, rather than the enjoyment of the day itself. I thought Hayley’s post, Why I’m taking fewer photos of my family, was a really thought provoking read. Sometimes there’s a lot to be said for just being in the moment and enjoying it. If you’re an avid photographer of your family like me, do head over and have a read.


Mummy and Monkeys

Speech delay is a tough one to deal with as a parent. When you hear all the other parents around you saying how well their child talks it can be really worrying when your child doesn’t do the same. First it’s the babbling, then the first words, then more words, then sentences, and then before you know it, the other children are fully communicating while you’re still waiting for those first words. You question whether it’s something you’re doing wrong, and hearing other parents discuss their child’s milestones can really grate. I really related to Eilidh’s post, The joy and heartbreak of having a child with speech delay, and I completely remember being ridiculously thrilled at hearing those little words.


Shinners and the Brood

Breastfeeding is one part of being a new mum that I don’t think we really prepare for well in this country. I think so often we’re led to believe that because it’s ‘natural’ it’ll be easy, and for so many women, myself included, that’s not the case at all. I loved Sinead’s funny, informative and non-judgemental take on Breastfeeding Do’s and Don’ts – a great read whether you’re planning to breastfeed or have done in the past, I’m sure you’ll relate!


Tooting Mama

So often I look back on my childhood growing up and compare it to the pressure that children face now and think how lucky I was. The pressure put on girls regarding body image is so intense these days that I think it’s a concern for any mum of girls. I loved this little list of 5 Kick Ass Role Model Resources for Girls which has some inspiring links to share with your girls. And your boys too!


Did you catch any of these last time? If not, please head over and give them a read and a comment!