Summer Infant Slumber Buddy – Review and Giveaway!


We have always been big fans of noise machines to aid sleep – both of our children haven’t been the best sleepers, but we’ve never had problems in getting them off to sleep. They’ve both loved noises in their different ways – Max absolutely loved white noise, while Ben is more a fan of music, so I jumped at the chance to review the Hippo Slumber Buddy from Summer Infant – a lullaby playing nightlight in the form of the sweetest sleeping hippo you’ll ever see!ย Routine is such a huge part of a smooth bedtime, and a few cues can really help to let your baby understand that it’s bedtime now and soothe them to sleep.


The Hippo Slumber Buddy

The Summer Infant Hippo Slumber Buddy has 3 lullabies and 2 nature sounds to choose from, and a nightlight which you can set to red, green, blue, a lightshow, or simply have it set to Off if you prefer no light. You can choose how long you want either the light or the sounds to remain active for by moving the power button switch to either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes, depending on how quickly your baby is likely to get to sleep. Once the time limit is reached, it automatically shuts off.


Close up of face of blue cuddly toy hippo with sleeping eyes


It couldn’t be simpler to use – the hippo has three buttons set within the speaker part on it’s back – one for the light, one for the music, and once to adjust the volume. To change the music or light setting, you simply press the button multiple times, cycling through until you find the one you want.


Close up of speaker and buttons for operation, set into shell in the back of hippo Slumber Buddy

Summer Infant Hippo Slumber Buddy in nursery on chest of drawers with globe, rainbow bookends, and stack of 3 red, blue and yellow suitcases behind


The light projects stars onto your ceiling and is lovely and calming as they don’t move like some do, they remain static. Personally I much prefer that – a moving display seems quite stimulating to me, and not the bedtime environment I want to create.

I love having a bedtime routine where we play a certain piece of music during our bedtime feed to signal that it’s time for sleep, so something like this is ideal. The fact that you can select either sound, or music, or both, depending on your preference is perfect for me. I don’t tend to use the light function much at the moment, but I know that as Ben gets older, he will want the comfort of a nightlight, which makes this the perfect toy to grow up with him.


Ben in cot looking up at camera, with Hippo Slumber Buddy behind him


Need to know

The Hippo Slumber Buddy takes 3 AA batteries (supplied initially) and is surface clean only.

Summer Infant have a whole range of different Slumber Buddy designs to choose from, including a ladybird, bee, bug, lamb, elephant, butterfly and frog.



I’m really pleased to be able to offer my readers the chance to win a Slumber Buddy from Summer Infant for themselves – you will be able to choose your favourite from the Slumber Buddy range. You must be based in the UK and over 18. Just enter using the widget below before 10th December 2017. Good luck!



Disclosure: I was sent the Summer Infant Slumber Buddy for the purposes of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

Summer Infant Slumber Buddy Giveaway

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    I’d love Luna the Lamb please!

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    The Hippo

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  • Rachel Craig


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