Me and Mine: November 2018


After a long old October, November seems to have gone by in a flash. We’ve started our Christmas celebrations early this year, so it feels appropriate that our November Me and Mine photos are from our trip to Lapland UK. It’s not the best family photo of us I’ve ever seen, but it’s reality – there’s always one member of the family not looking at the camera! I can’t work out whether Ben is looking at Santa, or at John.

Lapland UK was definitely the highlight of our month. It was wonderful to make a return visit when Max really was the perfect age for it all. I hope that one day we’ll be able to go back when Ben is the right age to get the most out of it all too. I won’t go into it more here, for fear of repeating myself and boring you, but if you’ve not read my post on it and have ever considered going, please do head over and have a read.

That’s not been our only festive trip so far though. The following day we headed to Waddesdon Manor’s Christmas Carnival, and managed to time it perfectly so that we arrived to follow their festive light trail around the grounds. Max loved decorating a bauble and writing a letter to Santa too.

It’s been a month of change for us as a family. We’ve been planning a big house renovation for a long time now, and had anticipated starting it in the summer / autumn of 2019. But last week we were contacted by our builders to say that they’d had a project slip, and would we like to take the slot and start in January. I’ll be honest, my first reaction was “hell no!” But when we sat down and gave it some thought, we decided to be spontaneous and go for it! So we’ll be cracking on with interior design choices, and moving out in mid-February so that the builders can move ahead with all of the interior works.

It feels like Max has really settled at school this month. The return after half term felt like a big improvement in his tiredness, and his mood has been so much more stable. I feel like we’re all finally settling into the school routine. He’s been practising for the nativity production, and couldn’t be more excited for us to come and see him (although I’m not sure who’s more excited – Max or me!)

Max has also been doing really well in his swimming lessons. We waited quite a long time before signing him up for swimming lessons, as he’s never been that keen on the water, but it’s been brilliant to watch his progress over this half term. He’s gone from clinging to the teacher the whole lesson, to swimming on his own (with armbands), and even jumping in from the side. I’m so impressed with how brave and determined he is with is, and he giggles his way through the whole lesson. It really feels like we made the right decision to wait.

Ben is making big steps lately too! He’s nearly 18 months now, and has been slow to stand. He’s a bum shuffler, although he can crawl, and he’s not shown much of a desire to stand. But lately he’s all about the standing up, having finally realised that there’s a whole new world of things he can reach if he just gets up on two legs!

For me, I’ve been on a bit of a mission this month to have a clear out and clean of our house. I’ve been on all the Facebook groups selling our baby stuff, and every time Ben naps, I’ve been cleaning like a crazy lady. Our house has really needed a deep clean for a long time – it’s fair to say that we’ve been feeling the pressure of having two children and our standards of cleanliness have been more about the bare minimum rather than getting things sparkling.

I’m also excited to start picking out things like new bathrooms, flooring and radiators. Although my husband and I are currently having huge debates about kitchen flooring – we have a fundamental disagreement! He wants tile, I want wood…

I think we’re all so excited for Christmas and the build up that December has in store. Bring on the festive fun!



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