Me and Mine: January 2018



I suspect that no matter how good your intentions are, January is always going to be a tough month, and that’s definitely been the case for us this year. The typical January bugs have knocked us for six, and the grey, rainy days have meant we’ve spent far more time indoors than is good for us all. But in another way, I think a slow, quiet January is just what we all needed after all the excitement of Christmas.

We’ve had lots of time to enjoy all of the boys’ new toys; to do things like baking, painting, and crafts; to catch up with friends and relatives; and to make plans for the rest of the year. Like most people, January is holiday planning time for me, and this year we’re keeping it UK based in an attempt to save money. We’re going to be having a week in the Cotswold’s, followed by a week in Cornwall. The Cotswold’s is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for ages, but for some reason never get around to – probably because it’s actually pretty close to us. And Cornwall is our UK destination of choice, so a return visit was always on the cards for this year. I always find making exciting plans for later in the year pulls me through the last stretch of winter.

The reason we’re desperately trying to save money is that we’ve also started making plans for an extension to our house – something which we’ve wanted to do ever since we moved in, but which has become more pressing now that we have the two boys and need more and more space. We’re talking to architects and hopefully getting plans drawn up this year, and I can’t wait to start properly planning all our new spaces. I love an interior design project, and I’ve not had a chance to get my teeth stuck into anything since we moved into this house 4 years ago.

In lots of ways I think January has been a low point and a turning point for us with Ben. He’s always been a bad sleeper, but since we started weaning, he’s become more and more unhappy. He would cry throughout the day, barely wanted to be put down, and on a bad night, he would be waking up 10 minutes after falling asleep, throughout the night. It’s been really tough for us all, including Max, as his bedroom is right next door to Ben. In a last ditch attempt, I decided to remove dairy from both his and my diet, to see whether that made a difference, and despite a week and a half of no improvement whatsoever, suddenly he turned a corner and I saw my happy little baby back. We’ve had so many great days since, and I’ve realised now how miserable he’d become. You could still make him smile, but you had to work for it, he never just beamed at you like he used to. He even teased us with a few days where he slept better in the night, but sadly that seemed to be a fluke and the last few nights have been horrendous. We still have a few more weeks until the dairy will be fully out of his system, and I’m guessing that we’ve built up a habit of frequent waking from all the pain he’s been in, so it will take a while yet for him to sleep any better. But for the first time in a long time I’m hopeful that he might sleep better soon!

We were quite late in taking our family photos this month – we were waiting for a sunny day, but sadly that never materialised! These were taken on a bit of a wet and windy walk last Sunday – so wet that Max refused to take his hood down for the photos. They’re a bit grey and gloomy, but to be honest, I feel that sums up our January pretty well!


Family photo, with John stood behind bench, Katy sat on the bench holding Ben, and Max stood on the bench with his hood up



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