Sharing the Blog Love – Showcase #76


Welcome back to #SharingtheBlogLove! I hope you enjoyed last week’s linky and it’s lovely to see you back again this week!

If you’re new to #SharingtheBlogLove, these are mine and Laura’s favourite posts from last week’s linky. As part of the linky we’d like you to choose one post from each showcase post (one from mine and one from Laura’s) to head over to and leave a comment to show them some extra blog love. It’s always lovely to take a look at our featured posts this week and see how many extra comments they’ve had from you guys!


Kate on Thin Ice

I’ve always felt like an outsider in social situations. I never felt like I fit in at school, and I’ve often struggled to feel comfortable in work social circles too. But the older I get, I realise that so many people feel like this, and in a strange way, that’s given me more confidence. I really enjoyed Kate’s post, Do I Fit In? Reflections on Belonging. It posed some really difficult and thought provoking questions, and I really enjoyed reading her in depth answers. I suspect this is one that a lot of bloggers will relate to!


The Ladybird’s Adventures

I never did much sensory play with Max when he was little, as he just wasn’t a fan. But lately he’s embraced it all more and more, and as Ben loves it, I’ve bought us a Tuffspot. I love theming our play and craft ideas by season, so I loved Claire’s Winter Sensory Play for Toddlers activity – simple enough that it doesn’t require a lot of prep, but interesting enough to occupy your toddler for a good length of time. This is one I’m going to be trying with Ben when he’s a tiny bit older.


Little Ladies Big World

I know I’m not alone in saying that although I love clothes, I’m definitely not on the cutting edge of fashion! Jeans and a jumper are my standard outfit, or a dress and tights if I’m feeling adventurous. I totally related to Laura’s post, My Go-To Winter Coat, and Why It’s OK to Not Be Uber Fashionable. There is something lovely and familiar about having items of clothing that you’re completely confident in, and I have to admit that Laura’s style is very similar to my own. But there’s a reason that look is so popular with mums – it’s practical, easy to pull together, but ultimately, it’s comforting. I don’t think you need to be taking your inspiration from the latest trends to look good, or to inspire others – I think Laura’s style is accessible and looks great! More fashion posts please 🙂



How did you find adjusting to maternity / paternity leave and being a stay at home parent? I know I found it really difficult and Ross’s post, My Week As A Stay At Home Dad, brought it all back! It’s the monotony and the repetitiveness of the routine that I think is the hardest thing – knowing that you’ll be doing the same thing all over again tomorrow. This is such an honest post – admitting that you’re not enjoying it is a tough thing to write, but it’s something that I think most people who’ve been in that situation can relate to, even if they went on to enjoy it more.


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