5 Happy Things #22


I’m writing this on a Friday at the end of what has been a lovely week.  It felt like we’d turned the corner into autumn at the start of the week, but then we’ve had that lovely burst of nice weather as summer gives us one last go, and we’ve been making the most of it. There has been lots of lovely things to choose from this week,  but here are my top 5!


01. My husband had an ad-hoc day off work, and we found ourselves at my Mum’s in the afternoon and were planning to go out to Zizzi for an early dinner. Mum wasn’t keen on coming but Max insisted – as we were saying goodbye at the door, he grabbed her hand to lead her out, saying ‘Grandma’ – how could she refuse? We had a really lovely meal out – sometimes meals with little ones are just a really stressful experience, but this was a pleasure. Max was hilarious – as a family, we are quite reserved about getting a waiter’s attention. Not so Max! He quickly finished off his juice, and held his cup in the air, looked for our waiter and yelled ‘Jooooose!’ at the top of his lungs! He then didn’t stop watching the waiter the whole time he was behind the bar getting the juice, just to check he didn’t forget. Slightly embarrassing! He loved his pizza and wolfed down a big portion of ice cream too – a boy after my own heart!


02. We had an afternoon at Legoland on Thursday. The schools were back so we thought it would be quieter – we were wrong there! But we were able to walk onto most rides without a long queue. Max loved the pirate show again – I think every time we watch it he gets more and more into it – shouting, arms waving, laughing!


03. We had a lovely weekend lunch with two of our friends and their dog. It’s always lovely to see them, and I love to see Max getting more and more confident around their dog. He’s always loved dogs, but the size of a labrador seems to intimidate him a little bit, but she’s so patient with him and seems to get that he doesn’t want to be licked or touched, and bit by bit he’s getting better with her. Her name was the first thing he said when he woke up the next morning!


04. Max woke up from his nap really unhappy on Tuesday and just wanted to cuddle. So we abandoned our plans for going out (the weather was rubbish anyway!), and just stayed in, cuddled on the sofa and played with Max’s trains. For what sounds like a pretty uneventful day, it was actually lovely to just have time together with the two of us – I don’t get quite so many long cuddles these days!


05.  I got my camera back from the repair shop! It’s had the shutter fully replaced and some other tweaks, so I’m hoping that it’s all good from now on. We combined the trip to pick it up with a visit to Bushy Park. I always think Bushy Park is ages away from us, but it’s really close. It was starting to rain when we got there, so we decamped to the cafe where we had a hot chocolate and the best brownie of my life (and I’ve eaten more than my fair share of brownies!) We saw deer, Max chased numerous pigeons up trees, and we inadvertently got in the middle of a fight between two geese – I was terrified but Max thought it was funny!


I hope you’ve had a good week!

Quite Frankly She Said