Sharing the Blog Love – Showcase 6


I can’t believe we’re in August already? Where is the summer going – and more importantly, what happened to the sun?

We were so pleased that so many of you managed to join us last week for #SharingtheBlogLove – a record 38 of you lovely people linked up! And it’s even more amazing to see how many of you really are sharing the blog love by leaving loads of lovely comments – we love seeing our hashtag sprinkled over your posts when we’re stopping by to read.

There were loads of great posts to choose from last week, and here are my 4 favourites to share with you.


The Butterfly Mother

I loved Laura’s Letter to her son. Laura’s writing is always beautiful – she writes about her experience of post-natal depression in such an honest and moving way. Her letter perfectly captures the expectations we have of how we’ll be as parents, what our child will be like, what our new lives will be like. And then that crushing reality when it’s not at all how you pictured it.

Finally, suddenly, you were here. You were real. And somehow I wasn’t anymore. I had no idea who I was.  

I think we’re all guilty of that to a certain extent. I’m certainly not the mother that I thought I would be, that I wanted to be. We all have those moments. I love the phrase ‘Motherhood is a fluid process, a learning curve – not a destination like I planned’ – this is the truest thing I’ve ever heard about parenting!

Taylor Made Ramblings

Running and I have a love-hate relationship. I was never the sporty type at school, always sneakily trying to arrange my music lessons during PE so I could avoid it! But I got into exercise in my mid-twenties and got slightly obsessed with running. Since then I’ve been in and out of love with running – picking up the Couch 2 5K programme 3 times to date (I have no staying power!).

I loved Rebecca’s story of her own relationship with running, Running and Me, which mirrors my own experience in lots of ways (although undoubtedly she has far more persistence than me!) – the excitement when you first get into it, the obsession, adopting a more relaxed attitude. And as someone who was unable to exercise at all during pregnancy, I am completely in awe of the fact that Rebecca managed to keep up the running throughout! It’s so difficult to find the time for exercise when you have little ones, but it’s so important to make time – I definitely need to get back on the running train!


Two Tiny Hands

I’m not a fan of camping. Although I love the outdoors, sleeping there doesn’t really hold much appeal for me. But it’s a real family activity and my husband keeps making murmurings about heading off to camp when Max is a bit older, so I feel that a camping trip is in my future. And if Karen can do it with a young baby in tow, I’d like to think I can pull myself together and get on board with the camping fun!

I loved Karen’s post, Cycle Camping to Malham Cove – it manages to make camping sound appealing! A pub lunch, gorgeous blue skies, rambling cows, cooking on a tiny camping stove, and a team of friendly ducks to hoover up all the mess from dinner!


Organised Jo

I don’t yet have a school aged child, but already I’m feeling the pressure of coming up with all of those crafty end of term teacher thank yous. My mum was a teacher, so I remember very well the presents that really went down well and it’s always the ones with a personal touch that do it. I loved Organised Jo’s post, How we said thank you to the Teachers, on the presents she and her girls made for their teacher – so simple, so cheap, but so lovely! And one to get the whole class involved with too.


Did you catch any of these last week? If you missed them, please head over and give them some #SharingtheBlogLove love!


Mr and Mrs T Plus Three