Sharing the Blog Love – Showcase 47


A big welcome to our weekly #SharingtheBlogLove Blogger Showcase – and my last showcase for a little while as I’m taking a bit of a break due to our new arrival!

If you’re new to #SharingtheBlogLove, these are mine and Laura’s favourite posts from last week’s linky. As part of the linky we’d like you to choose one post from each showcase post (one from mine and one from Laura’s) to head over to and leave a comment to show them some extra blog love. It’s always lovely to take a look at our featured posts this week and see how many extra comments they’ve had from you guys!


Life, Motherhood and Everything

This is one I think all parents to toddlers will be able to relate to! I loved Angela’s post, I must remember, she’s only two – I think so often, our toddlers can be so charming that when they hit those difficult periods where it seems like everything is a battle, it can be so difficult to keep your patience. And yet, when we’re not in the moment, it’s easy to look back and realise how little they are, and all the big emotions they’re learning to deal with.


Little Ladies Big World

Family photos in the bluebells are a blogger cliche, but I think it’s for all the right reasons! And Laura’s post, A Trip to the Bluebell Woods, is such a perfect example of everything I love about a bluebell hunt – the beautiful simplicity of seeing your children explore, combined with some absolutely stunning photos!


Setting My Intention

I’ve admired hand lettering for a long time now, but it’s always seemed like something that was a real skill, and quite intimidating to pick up without taking a course. But I loved this ‘beginners guide’ which makes it all seem really achievable! Do head over and have a read of 7 Steps to Start Hand Lettering.


Little Mummy Running

The events in Manchester last week shook the world, and I don’t think I’m alone in finding it really difficult to find the words to talk about it. I’ve been really grateful that Max is only 3, and it’s not something I have to worry about just yet. But I’m very conscious that it won’t be long until he will be aware of these things and will be asking difficult questions. Louise’s post, Teach them Kindness, is simple but spot on – the answers don’t have to be complicated, kindness is powerful enough as an answer.


Did you catch any of these last time? If not, please head over and give them a read and a comment!

  • Chloé Weir
    June 1, 2017

    Stunning photos from Little Ladies Big World! #sharingthebloglove

  • Angela Watling
    June 1, 2017

    Thank-you so much for featuring me this week alongside some lovely posts. Enjoy your linky ‘Mat Leave’ and look forward to hearing about your impending arrival xxx #SharingTheBlogLove

  • Sarah Stockley
    June 2, 2017

    Good luck with the new baby! Exciting stuff! Sarah #sharingthebloglove

  • Musings of a tired mummy...zzz
    June 2, 2017

    Good luck with little one! enjoy the special first days 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  • Emma Tustian
    June 2, 2017

    Hope you’re not waiting too long for baby to arrive. #sharingthebloglove

  • Burnished Chaos
    June 3, 2017

    I have a difficult 2yr old on my hands too so Angela’s post really resonated with me x

  • mummyhereandthere
    June 3, 2017

    Good luck with the arrival X #sharingthebloglove

  • Helena “TheQueenofCollage” Ash
    June 4, 2017

    Some great picks here. Thinking of you as your due date approaches. #SharingtheBlogLove

  • Tammymum
    June 4, 2017

    I read Angela’s post too, I loved it and is a sentiment very close to my heart and one I perhaps forget at times. #sharethebloglove

  • The Mama Story
    June 6, 2017

    Some thought provoking reading there….

  • Mrsmummyharris86
    June 6, 2017

    I went to a forest the other day and the only bluebells were right by a pond and I darent even try to get Ben to pose near one nooooooooooo #sharingthebloglove

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