My favourite Up and Coming Instagram Accounts


Before I started blogging, I didn’t see the point in Instagram. I rarely shared photos to my facebook feed, so why would I be interested in sharing photos with people I didn’t know on Instagram? But since an Instagram account is pretty much an essential part of a blogger’s toolkit I signed up and it’s rapidly become my favourite social media outlet and has fuelled a love of photography that I never knew I had.

I love the positive vibe that Instagram has – it’s just a lovely few minutes out of my day to scroll through my feed and see beautiful snapshots¬†of people’s lives. At first I was quite restrained in terms of interacting with people, and I would see other people commenting on people’s feeds and feel like it was a clique that I wasn’t part of. But the more I started to recognise people’s feeds, the more I felt connected to their lives in some way. It’s a lovely thing to be able to connect with other mothers all across the globe, to see what they’re up to, to read their little stories and realise that other people are having similar struggles to you. But mostly, I love it as a visual record of my life – it forces me to capture little moments that I would otherwise let pass undocumented and I love to look back through my feed and remember each moment.

There are so many wonderful feeds out there, but I wanted to showcase a few of my favourite Instagram accounts here. They’re all up and coming accounts with less than 2000 followers, so I hope I can introduce you to at least a few lovely new accounts to follow!



Jess is a Kent based mother of twins and her feed is a magical fairytale like look at childhood. Expect beautiful Kentish countryside and super well dressed children!
@_jessarose_ instagram feed



Jo is a West Sussex based mama to toddler Hugo and her feed is a delight of beautiful landscapes, cute toddler shots, gorgeous flowers and pretty doors.
@topknotanddaisies instagram feed



I’ve talked on here about my love of Louise’s blog before, but her Instagram account is pretty special too. Beautiful scenery, two gorgeous girls and one fabulous baby boy
@squishedblueberries instagram feed



Kirsty is based in Yorkshire and her feed is a beautiful walk through the gorgeous Yorkshire scenery. Check out her recent holiday photos and prepare to be super jealous!
@kirstypocket instagram feed



I have a soft spot for Edinburgh and live vicariously through Gill and her four gorgeous children! Gill is also one of the loveliest Instagrammers you’ll come across ¬†-she always has a lovely comment to share!
@fourbearsandme instagram feed



Carly’s feed is a riot of colour which always cheers me up if I’m feeling a bit down! I always look forward to seeing her morning tea and flowers shot – it’s a feed that makes me want to fill my house with flowers!
@acupfullofglitter instagram feed


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