Sharing the Blog Love – Showcase 7


Welcome to our 7th Sharing the Blog Love Blogger Showcase – the place to showcase the talent that is out there in the blogging world and make sure you manage to catch all those amazing posts that you might have missed.

I loved reading all of your posts last week – it’s lovely that we get such a variety of posts linking up and it really is a pleasure to read them all. But after tough selection, here are my favourite 4 for you to read.

Dear Mummy

I’ve loved reading all of the Camp Bestival write-ups this year – although I’m not generally a happy camper, it’s made me really tempted to go next year. Max will be 3 by then, so it feels like a good age for it – what do you think? Dear Mummy’s Camp Bestival Review is one of the most detailed I’ve read and really gives such a good flavour of what it’s all about. The sheer variety of activities on offer must make it impossible to do everything, but I think they gave it a real go! There are some great practical tips here too if you’re considering going next year, as well as a host of beautiful photos which really capture the fun feel of the festival.

Quite Frankly She Said

I’m an olive skinned, brown haired mum to a blond haired, blue eyed little angel, and Sian’s post, No, I’m not the childminder, I’m their mother, really struck a chord with me. When I pictured my child, I just naturally assumed that I’d have a dark haired one given that both my husband and I are dark. So it’s as much a surprise to me as it is to everyone else that I’ve produced such a little blondie! I often find that people comment on how blond he is, which is fine, but I find it quite hurtful when people make the assumption that I’m not his mother, simply because we don’t look alike. I once had this from a Health Visitor while attending a baby clinic session when Max was about 8 weeks old and at the time it really upset me. Genetics are a weird and wonderful business and I love wondering whether if I am lucky enough to have another child, whether they’ll look like Max, like me, like their Dad, or just completely different.

Sparkles and Stretchmarks

I’ve featured Hayley in these showcases before, but her post on working with brands and not underselling yourself is so great that it really is a must-read for all bloggers. Working with brands is not something that I’ve done often as a blogger, but is something that I would like to do more of in the future. It’s not often that bloggers are so honest and upfront about their experience of working with brands, but Hayley’s post is honest, realistic, and really helpful in terms of coming up with your own strategy and approach, and ultimately, in recognising your own value as a blogger.

Petite Pudding

The return to work after maternity leave is such an emotional minefield. You’ve spent so long being the centre of your baby’s world, and it seems unbearable to think of leaving them. To not be the one who they see first in the morning, not being the one who tucks them in at night. I loved this post from Petite Pudding, To my baby on my return to work, which perfectly captures that rollercoaster of emotions.

Did you catch any of those posts last week and love them as much as I did? If not, please do head over and have a read and leave a comment or two!

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