Pumpkin Picking at Garsons Farm


I’ve always wanted to go pumpkin picking, but the pumpkin patch has never seemed to be as widespread a thing here as in the US, probably due to our earlier ground frosts. But when I heard about Garsons Farm, a Pick Your Own farm in Esher, Surrey, I was really keen to get down there to choose our own perfect pumpkin.

We hyped it up for Max, telling him the whole way about how we were going to pick our own pumpkin, and when we got out of the car he was really excited! It’s a long drive up to the fields which adds to the excitement, and then you just pull up at the field with the crops you want to pick. We got there nice and early in the day, so there was only us and one other family there.

We made our way through the fields, examining the pumpkins as we went. There was such a great variety of sizes to choose from and Max was understandably drawn to the biggest ones! I think it’s fair to say that he perhaps didn’t have the most exacting eye when it came to choosing, and was also pretty ambitious with what he could lift! He was also so excited by the pumpkins that he was totally undirectable, so the photos aren’t quite what I’d perhaps have hoped for, but still show what a great time we all had.


Max about to lift an enormous pumpkin

Max smiling in field of pumpkins

Max walking away through field of pumpkins

Max and John examining pumpkins

Max pointing towards his favourite pumpkin


In the end, we went for this perfect looking pumpkin – what do you think? Lovely and round, and nice and smooth! A little more expensive than you’d pay in the shops, but totally worth it for the experience of picking out your own pumpkin. Max absolutely loved it, and chanted ‘pumpkin’ the whole way home! I love having family traditions that you do every year, and this is definitely going to be one of ours from now on.


Our perfect specimen of a pumpkin


If you like the sound of pumpkin picking, there are lots of places springing up which offer this now. I’ve listed a few others close to me in Surrey – I think we’ll be working our way around these to work out which we like the best!


Crockford Bridge Farm in Addlestone run a Halloween event from Saturday 15th October – 30th October, but this is more staged than picking your own from the field. They lay the pumpkins out already picked, for you to choose from, but also have lots of other exciting Halloween themed events to make a real day of it. There’s also a fab ice-(s)cream parlour for a sweet treat. Fancy dress is encouraged!

I’ve only recently read about Secretts Farm in Milford, near Guildford, which also allow you to pick your own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. They make a huge event of Halloween with Pumpkin Week, from 25th-30th October, where there are tractor rides to the pumpkin fields, face painting, and biscuit decorating.


I’m so looking forward to getting creative with our carving!


Do you have any autumn family traditions? Or any pumpkin recipe suggestions?


Two Tiny Hands


Monkey and Mouse
  • Laura @dearbearandbeany

    I have never been pumpkin picking before and its definitely on my list to do with the girls. I have found a place near us that I can go to when Alice is on half term and can’t wait. I love little Max’s face in these. A lovely tradition to start x

  • Susie Hawes at This Is Me Now

    Aw I think the photos are gorgeous! You’re a great photographer! Great idea, we don’t have any traditions other than watching fireworks and as I’m from York I make some delicious Parkin every year to eat on bonfire night x

  • These are just the best photos! I am really hoping to find a patch as I want photos like these!!! x

  • Carly @acupfullofglitter

    Gorgeous photos Hun. I love that Max was chanting Pumpkin on the way home. I cant wait to carve ours now. xxx

  • Love his excited face in your photos. We don’t have many near us and have to travel, but as you say, the price is worth it for the experience. The one we went to was really busy though compared to your one.

  • Sarah Stockley

    Oooh this is another new place I’d not heard off. Last year we went to Secretts Farm in Guidford and I know there’s a good one in Maidstone, also one near us in Redhill. We’re waiting for the half term to pick ours. Sarah #WhateverTheWeather

  • Such lovely photos. I have never picked a pumpkin with my boys – not sure there is anywhere near us. #whatevertheweather

  • Charlotte

    Your so lucky, I want to go pumpkin picking although I imagine lots of haybales and scarecrows too. I’ve watched too many american films. But it would be so lovely to take the kids #familyfun

  • Sam

    How lovely. I’d love to take my little girl pumpkin picking but I don’t think there is anywhere near me.. I will have a look into it because it looked like you had so much fun.

  • Twicemicrowaved tea

    Lovely pictures! I had no idea you could go pumpkin picking in this country. It looks a lot of fun – I’ll be looking into whether there’s anywhere in the north east that does it. #familyfun

  • Karen Belton

    No traditions yet but I’d love to pick my own pumpkin. I did manage to grow one a few years back. I don’t think we have any farms this far north! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  • Jenny Eaves

    Aww, he looks so happy with all the pumpkins, I think they are fab photos and directing small children is almost impossible! Pumpkin picking is definitely getting more common round here too, I actually found two farms in Scotland with pumpkin patches! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather x

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