Harvest Weekend at RHS Wisley


We are lucky to live close to the RHS’s flagship garden, RHS Wisley, and we visit frequently throughout the year. Last weekend was their Harvest Weekend, with tonnes of produce available to buy from various stalls and traders – apples, pumpkins, honey, chillis, it was a veggie grower’s heaven. I think the world and his wife had the same idea as us as I’ve never seen Wisley quite so busy!

The highlight of the Harvest Weekend for us was the hay bale maze – Max loved running around this and thankfully it was fairly easy to negotiate so Max’s frequent forays in the wrong direction didn’t hamper us too much.

max maze - sml


Max maze 2

John and Max

The reward at the centre of the maze was a huge pile of pumpkins, gourds, squashes, leeks, and courgettes, which made for a fabulous instagram-worthy photo opportunity.

Pumpkins 2

Pumpkins at RHS Wisley

I’m always amazed at visiting Wisley that there is always something stunning to look at, it’s given me so much inspiration for what to plant in our own garden to keep interest throughout the year. Autumn is as beautiful as you would expect, with vibrant reds and golds exploding all over the grounds and a crunchy carpet of leaves covering the woodland areas.

Woodland - sml

Beautiful dead stuff

Autumn trees at RHS Wisley




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