Our Favourite Children’s Books for Autumn


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I love creating a seasonal bookshelf for my children, and autumn is hands down my favourite season for collecting together all of our favourite children’s books for autumn. There is so much to love about autumn as a child – kicking up leaves, collecting conkers, picking pumpkins – and I love introducing my children to the magic of it all.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

This series of books by Kenard Pak is one of my all time favourites and this one which welcomes autumn is just beautiful. The writing is simple but effectively connects you with nature and encourages your child to really notice the changing seasons with a mindful approach. Gorgeous illustrations and a book which I’m happy to read over and over again. Perfect for children aged 3 and upwards.

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Storm – Sam Usher

This is from a series of beautifully illustrated books which show the relationship between a little boy and his Grandad across the changing seasons. A storm is blowing and the duo decide to fly a kite, but first they need to find it. A really sweet and simple story.

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Fletcher and the Falling Leaves – Julia Rawlinson

A sweet tale of a little fox who sees the leaves falling from the trees and begins to worry that something terrible is happening. Lovely illustrations and a beautiful message. Perfect for younger children, aged 2-4.

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The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

This is such a classic and deservedly so. Perhaps not especially autumnal, but definitely ‘woody’, so I feel it’s a lovely addition to our autumn bookshelf.

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It Was A Cold, Dark Night – Tim Hopwood

A short and sweet tale of a little hedgehog, looking for somewhere to hibernate. But every suitable place he finds is already occupied! Perfect for smaller children from about 2, as the language is repetitive and simple, and the storyline is simple and charming.

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Autumn (seasons) – Ailie Busby

My 3 year old absolutely loves this short and simple book which introduces some of the most wonderful things about autumn. Collecting acorns and pumpkins, picking blackberries, and baking tarts are all included, and it’s a lovely one if you’re short on time and want to get bedtime going quickly!

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The Squirrels That Squabbled – Rachel Bright

A lovely book which deals with the importance of sharing – perfect if you have bickering siblings as I do! Quirky illustrations and lovely rhyming structure.

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Autumn Story (Brambly Hedge series) – Jill Barklem

I remember this one from my own childhood and I think it’s just enchanting. It’s quite wordy, but the illustrations are just magical, with so much detail to pick out.

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Sweep – Louise Greig

Definitely autumnal with the sweeping of leaves as it’s theme, but this is really a book about dealing with your emotions. I bought this for my eldest, who often struggles with anger but cannot articulate it very well, and it’s been such a help for us. It tells the story of Ed, a little boy who finds himself in a bad mood, and barrels through his day, sweeping the whole town up in his bad mood.

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On A Magical Do-Nothing Day – Beatrice Alemagna

This isn’t perhaps a specifically autumnal book, but the autumnal feel and atmosphere absolutely seeps from its pages. It’s a book of everyday magic, of finding the beauty in your surroundings, even when things seem dull and uninspiring. It’s about connecting with nature, of noticing the details that might have escaped your attention, and about immersing yourself in your surroundings and making your own fun.

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Do you have any favourite children’s books for autumn that I’ve not included here? Please do let me know below in the comments – I love to add to our collection!

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