Best Children’s Books for Halloween


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Halloween seems to become bigger every year, and with it the number of Halloween themed children’s books is growing all the time. I love nothing better than creating a themed display for our bookshelf so I look out all of our books which include monsters, witches, pumpkins, skeletons and ghosts to fill our display (but nothing too scary for little ones!). These are some of our favourite children’s books for Halloween…

Pick a Pumpkin

Hot on the heels of the success of Pick a Pine Tree, which we loved last Christmas, comes Pick a Pumpkin. It’s a beautifully illustrated tale, which talks about picking your pumpkin from the pumpkin field, carving it, and then heading out trick or treating. The rhyming text is a pleasure to read and the whole thing is just lovely. Pumpkin picking and carving is one of our autumn highlights, so this has been such a lovely book to add to our collection.

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Dracula Spectacular

This is a really sweet tale of a little dracula, who’s parents just don’t know what to do with him. He doesn’t want to scare people, doesn’t want to wear black – he’s not at all like the rest of his family and he seems quite sad. An unexpected friendship emerges when he meets a little girl, and he and his family realise that it’s ok to be different, and in fact, it should be celebrated.

I love the bright and colourful illustrations and the message that it’s ok to be who you are. One of our favourite children’s books, not just for Halloween!

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Pictures from Dracula Spectacular - one of our favourite children's Halloween books
Picture from inside Dracula Spectacular - one of our favourite children's books for Halloween

Room on the Broom

One of my all time favourite Julia Donaldson books, this is such a joy to read! I’ve read it so many times I suspect I could recite it word for word. It’s the story of a friendly witch and her cat, and a host of other friends she picks up along the way.

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There’s a Monster in your Book!

This is such a loud and funny book – both my boys absolutely love it! Possibly a bit too riotous for a bedtime read, but perfect for other points in the day. There’s a pretty cute little monster stuck inside your book and it’s your job to do everything possible to get him out – tipping the book, shaking it, shouting at him! Lots of fun and perfect for young toddlers and early years school children too.

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Gustavo The Shy Ghost

A new addition to our collection this year and a really sweet read about a little ghost who wants to make friends with the other monsters but is very shy. It’s a lovely message about being brave and conquering your fears, and the illustrations are captivating.

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The Little Ghost Who Didn’t Like to be Scary

This is a really sweet little (literally, it’s really small!) book, perfect for little ones who aren’t comfortable with ghosts being scary. The illustrations are cute and I love the message that it’s ok to be different.

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Dragon Jelly

One of many Monster Max books, this one is suitably disgusting! Monster Max is having a birthday party, and his monster friends have all come to join him to enjoy some pretty horrible party food and games. I love the bright, colourful and cute illustrations, and my boys love the idea of all the horrible things they have to eat.

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Illustration from Dragon Jelly - one of our favourite children's Halloween books
Illustration from Dragon Jelly - one of our favourite children's Halloween books

How To Make Friends With A Ghost

I searched high and low for this one last year but it seemed to be out of stock everywhere, so I was thrilled to find it this year. It’s a little how-to guide on how to go about making friends with a ghost and is sweet and very funny. The illustration style is quirky and right up my street too.

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In a dark dark town there was a dark dark street… This one is such a classic and a much loved one from my own childhood. It’s the story of a big skeleton, a little skeleton, and a dog skeleton, who head out on an adventure one dark night, looking to scare someone.

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The Mist Monster

This was one of our additions to the collection last winter and it makes the perfect friendly monster story. Penny has just moved house and isn’t sure she likes her new home. But when a search in the misty garden for her lost hat leads her to a very friendly mist monster, she is taken on a magical journey where she discovers that new friends can be made anywhere. The illustrations in this are magical and have such a beautiful ethereal quality. One of my all time favourites.

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What are your favourite children’s books for Halloween? Please leave me a comment below, I’d love to know!

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