The Best Halloween Films for Younger Children


It’s been amazing to see the rise of Halloween in the UK in the last few years. It’s gone from being seen as an American celebration, to an occasion that nearly all families celebrate. Last year, Max fully embraced the excitement, getting carried away with the buzz as his nursery and our neighbours all put up decorations and dressed up, and he was keen to watch some ‘spooky’ films. But, being 3, it was difficult to pick ones that wouldn’t give him nightmares! All of the following went down really well and were pitched really well for a 3 year old. We’ll be digging them out again this year too, as at 4, he’s still not ready for a full on scare fest!

Room on the Broom

We love Julia Donaldson and have read Room on the Broom many times, so the TV adaptation was a great pick, with its kind hearted witch and her gang of animal helpers.

The Gruffalo

Following on from Room on the Broom, The Gruffalo just about fit the bill too. A mouse takes a stroll through the deep dark wood, and comes across a number of predatory creatures, including the famous Gruffalo. Max declaring the Deep Dark Wood to be very ‘spooky’. And the Gruffalo himself is definitely a little bit scary if you’re 3!

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

In this 2005 released film, Pooh and the gang try to hunt a heffalump in the Hundred Acre Wood. Only the slightest bit scary, it’s the perfect Halloween film for younger children.

Monsters Inc

I’m a huge fan of Disney and Monsters Inc. is a great one for Halloween with its monster theme. I think the plot went a bit over Max’s head and would perhaps be better aimed at 5+, but he enjoyed watching this one (and it’s one of my own favourites too!)

What are your favourite spooky films for children?

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