Me and Mine: A Family Portrait in March


Spring has sprung and I’m so pleased! We’ve managed to get out and about so much more this month, and on the whole it’s been a good one for us.

Our family portraits this month are from Mother’s Day, when we headed out for a low key trip to Bushy Park. When I was asked what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, my one request was that I didn’t want to go to a restaurant – I’m finding it far too much like hard work these days and a low key walk and trip to a cafe is a much better bet.

We took out my new tripod – a proper one now rather than the GorillaPod we were using before – and set it up amongst the daffodils. As usual, Max loved running to press the button and then running all the way back. Unfortunately with the new tripod being higher, he needed more help to press and seemed to manage to tilt the camera by mistake a few times. Next month we’re taking the remote shutter in the hope that this will fix the problem!

I think these photos sum up the eternal dilemma of the family photo – having everyone looking at the camera at the same time and smiling is a very difficult thing to achieve! And I can imagine all hope of that going out of the window when we add another member to the mix in a few months’ time!


Katy, John and Max standing in the daffodils

Katy, John and Max stood in daffodils - Max not looking at the camera


Max was so taken with the tripod and his budding photography skills that he really wanted to take a few of me and John – I love what he managed to come up with! Not the most flatting angle, but I think he has a great future as a photographer!


Katy and John stood on tree stump, laughing

John jumping off tree stump with Katy in background laughing


March has been a month of two halves for us – the first half seemed to be filled with illness and difficulty. John was away in the US for a few days on a business trip, which was difficult for me back home, and came down with a nasty bug on his return which wiped him out for a couple of weeks. But the second half has brightened up – just like the weather! We’ve all been back to full health (pregnancy sickness aside), and we’ve enjoyed trips to RHS Wisley a few times, as well as discovering Painshill Park, and a trip to Legoland for the first weekend of opening (which was actually such a nightmare that I’m reluctant to go again – but I’m sure I’ll be convinced!)

Roll on April, when I’ll no doubt be looking even bigger!