Sharing the Blog Love – Showcase 1


Today marks the launch of #SharingtheBlogLove – a new linky which I am running with the lovely Laura at Dear Bear and Beany. The idea is that we each choose our favourite 4 posts every week to really give them some love. We will feature them in our weekly posts with a little write up on each and a link to your post and blog, we’ll tweet them throughout the week, and we’ll be sharing our showcase posts each week with #TheList, a linky run by the fabulous Aby (You Baby Me Mummy) and Amy (Mrs and Mrs T Plus 3).

For this first week, obviously we don’t have any posts to choose from yet, so we’ve gone rogue! I’m choosing my favourite 4 posts that I’ve read over the past week or so, and sharing them here for you guys to give a bit of love to! We’d love if you can give them a visit, a read, maybe a comment, and if you find something you really love, a share on twitter!


Blogs we Love!


Life is Knutts

The EU referendum has been the hot topic of conversation all week. I loved Gemma at Life Is Knutts post, Keep Calm and Carry on, which she wrote on the day of the vote – very poignant given the result. She eloquently outlines the shortcomings of both sides campaigns, and pinpoints how we’ve all felt as voters – uninformed, confused, and left to just vote with our hearts. But I love her closing comments on unity, compassion, and standing together no matter what the outcome. If you only read one post on the referendum, (and there are lots to choose from!) then make it this one!


Someone’s Mum

Someone’s Mum has been a favourite read of mine for what feels like a long time now. Danielle writes beautifully always, and I loved her recent post on sensitivity and anxiety, My Heart on the Page. I can really relate to replaying conversations from years ago, wondering what I should have done differently, puzzling over why someone behaved the way that they did. I tend to view my sensitivity as a weakness, and I often find myself hoping that my son is more confident, more outgoing, and is not as sensitive as me. But this post focuses on the positives of being sensitive – the kindness, the empathy, the compassion – and made me see that although these traits might have their downsides, there are some pretty amazing upsides too.


Five Little Doves

I love Laura’s new family photographs in her post Making Memories. I’ve definitely been guilty of ducking out of photos because I’m not completely happy with how I look – and as a consequence I have only 2 photos of me during my pregnancy and very few photos of me with my family in general. It’s always me behind the camera. And that’s something that makes me sad. Laura puts it so well when she says:

And surely that isn’t what it’s about, is it? About only capturing the moments where you look like a better version of yourself? … Because in the future, when the children look back, they will want to see photos of their parents looking exactly the way that they remembered… And those are the photos that will mean the most, the ones with our heads thrown back, creased up with laughter, with smiles that reach our eyes and arms as full as our hearts.

I loved these words – they’ve inspired me to get out there in front of the camera and I’m making that my focus for the next month or so. I love all Laura’s amazing shots with her gorgeous family – and I’m sure you’ll all agree that she looks all kinds of fabulous!


Taylor Made Ramblings

I think the feeling of being a newbie in the blogging world is probably one that never really goes away. And I think we all remember trying to find our way, figuring out all the technical stuff, but slowly becoming more than a little bit addicted to blogging! In fact, I think that blogging is such a constant learning journey that I think we’re always feeling a bit like we’re finding our way. My fabulous friend Rebecca at Taylor Made Ramblings shared her Ode to Newfound Blogoholism which sums up those feelings perfectly and put a big smile on my face.


Thanks so much for joining us for the first ever #SharingtheBlogLove! We’d love you to head over to these blogs, give them a read, a comment, a share, and show them some love!



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