5 Happy Things #21


I’ve come to realise that I’m very much a creature of summer – I’m made for hot days, paddling pools, ice creams and trips to the beach. It has such an impact on my mood and makes it so much easier to find the my 5 happy things!


01. On Tuesday Max and I went for a picnic with my Mum and Dad. We’d intended to head to Waddesdon Manor, but as we pulled up the driveway in the car it became apparent that it wasn’t open on Tuesdays! So we about turned and headed to another National Trust instead, Claydon House. A bit more on the smaller scale than Waddesdon, but we had a lovely picnic and then my Dad and Max had an ice cream while Mum and I looked round the house. I can’t remember the last time I looked round a National Trust house, as I never take Max in (I’m not sure they’re ready for him!)


Max pushing Dad over


02. It was so lovely to watch Max with my Dad. Max is of the opinion that Dad is the best person in the world, but apparently he likes to show that by pushing him over and whacking him on the stomach! Dad doesn’t seem too bothered by this though, and they spent ages just chasing each other round. I love watching my parents be grandparents!


Muslim Burial Ground - Shallow rectangular water feature surrounded by paths


03. We found a new place to explore on Thursday! I’d heard about the Muslim Burial Ground Peace Garden in Chobham Common via a friend on Instagram, and as it’s just down the road from us I thought it would be nice for a morning out. It’s the original resting place of 27 Indian Muslim soldiers who died in the first and second World Wars, but sadly fell into disrepair. After receiving funding from English Heritage it was restored, and a memorial Peace Garden was created, opened in 2015. It’s set in the middle of the woods and is a really tranquil space to sit and reflect. Despite the hot day, it was remarkably cool, and Max loved exploring the various different paths around the place. We were the only people there the whole time and I get the impression it’s not a place that many people know about.


04. We visited my Mum and Dad’s on Thursday afternoon and had the paddling pool out for Max and my nephew. They loved chasing each other through it, splashing everyone, and slipping over a lot! They’re getting to be so much better at playing together these days, although they still have their moments (at one point Max squirted his cousin in the face with a water gun!)


05. Max’s speech is coming on leaps and bounds! All of a sudden I can understand so much of what he’s saying, which makes life so much easier for both of us. He’s putting words together now, and trying to copy nearly everything I say too, which is definitely new as he’s never wanted to be a copycat before. I even got my very first “night night Mummy” this week!


I hope you’ve been enjoying the lovely weather too! And a Bank Holiday weekend to boot! Happy Days 🙂


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