5 Happy Things #27


I really do love this time of year – Christmas just brings out the best in everything and it just feels like there’s that touch of magic in the air. Although things are a bit of a struggle at the moment as I’m still feeling pretty ill, there’s so much to enjoy about this time of year.


01. We visited Lapland UK which was everything I’d hoped it would be and more! You can read my full post on our visit, but suffice to say that I’d had some concerns about whether Max was a little bit young for it. But watching him embrace the experience was the most wonderful thing – he just completely ‘got it’. He even loved meeting Father Christmas and was totally won over when Father Christmas started revealing all about how he knew Max loved ‘dog-dog’, his favourite toy, and about our trip to Cornwall. Before I knew it Max was actually telling him things about our holiday – this is the boy who doesn’t talk much! It was one of those days that I know I’ll remember forever and just thinking about it now puts a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.


02. It was amazing to finally be able to tell everyone our baby news! The first trimester of pregnancy always feels like such a slog, and I find it so difficult to keep it quiet – I’m sure I’ve inadvertently let it slip to lots of people! It was lovely to get so many words of congratulations – I kept things very quiet on social media when I was pregnant with Max, but I do think when you’re feeling so rotten you need to take the good things about being pregnant and enjoy them, and announcing it is definitely one of those good things. Call it pregnancy hormones, but I had a little well up at reading everyone’s messages.


03. Having our 12 week scan! It’s always amazing to see your tiny baby wriggling around on the screen and it was no less magical second time around. Just like Max, this one looks like he/she is going to be a lively one!


04. We had a little treat last weekend and had breakfast in bed, complete with yummy pastries. Max loves a treat and I normally only allow him to eat in the dining room, so this was definitely a treat in his eyes. We had croissants and jam, and pain au chocolates, and I think Max ate more than John and I put together (I have no idea where he puts it all!)


05. I was meant to be seeing The Cure last night at the O2, but sadly I’ve been so sick in the evenings that it just wasn’t possible for me to go. But I’d got my parents all lined up for babysitting, and they seemed really keen, so I thought I’d still take them up on the offer. I told Max about the sleepover in the morning, and he was really excited, so it was definitely the right call. Apparently he spent all day at nursery telling them about ‘Grandad’s house’ and I’ve never seen him so willing to wave me goodbye as he headed out of the front door with them. Although I’m a bit sad to have missed out on The Cure, a long relaxing bath was the perfect treat for a night in on my own.


Quite Frankly She Said
  • Natalie @memeandharri
    December 3, 2016

    I think it has been a very special week for you lovely. I was so excited to hear your special news! Pregnancy is such a roller coaster but all you have to do is look at Max and remember it is all worth it! (such wise words, remind me of them next week when I am still heavily pregnant and grumpy ha!) #happydays

  • Rachel
    December 3, 2016

    Congratulations on the baby news – that really is a happy list!! Hope the sickness eases soon #happydays

  • Katy
    December 9, 2016

    So excited about your baby news! Lapland posts have been making me feel so festive – I want to go next year!! Thank you so much for joining in #HappyDaysLinky xx

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