Tinpo: Inspiring Curiosity for Preschoolers


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When it comes to TV programmes, I always know what is likely to appeal to Max, and without fail, it’s the science-based, problem solving programmes which capture his attention. Tinpo is a relatively new kids TV programme, having first aired in December 2018, but it’s already proved a hit with Max.

There are 5 brand new episodes airing next week on CBeebies, and we had a sneak preview of them, which Max was over the moon about, jumping around the room, shouting “TinPO!” We were also sent a few colouring activity sheets, and it says a lot that Max, who usually hates colouring, was more than happy to get stuck in and give them a go.

Each episode follows Tinpo and his group of friends, Doug-po, Hack-po and Logi-po. Each episode will see a different Tinpotown resident with a problem for the friends to solve, whether it’s a lost dog, a group of ducklings stuck on a high roof, or a person struggling to fly a kite. Each member of the team has different strengths: Tinpo is the ideas man, Logi-po is the team’s voice of reason, Hack-po is full of fun facts, and Doug-po loves to dig and demolish. Whenever their lightbulb lights up, they all jump on the Tinpo Train and head off to find the person in trouble. They work together, coming up with exciting ideas to solve problems. The animation is simple and colourful, and perfect to capture the imaginations of young children.

But what I love most, is that they learn through trial and error, teaching your child about perseverance, and that it’s ok to make mistakes along the way. This is something Max can struggle with, tending to give up, or not even try if he finds something difficult, so to see these characters working through various solutions before finding one that works is fantastic.

The programme’s creators say:

“Tinpo isn’t just about having great ideas – it’s about getting excited over ideas, about the joy of creation, and remaining curious. The series aims to inspire viewers to feel that anything is possible and that they, like Tinpo, have the capability to improve the world around them in fresh and inspiring ways, and can aspire to great things”.

Tinpo: a new programme for preschoolers

Tinpo is so completely up Max’s street – it’s all about learning, problem solving, and inventing. It’s a wonderful introduction to construction and problem solving, but pitched in a simple but fun way. It’s even encouraged him to ask questions and take part in a conversation about what solutions he can think of (which given Max’s conversation skills after school, is quite a feat!)

It’s aimed at preschoolers and reception age children and I think it hits that age range so well, without being at all patronising. The episodes are all very short, at 7 minutes, meaning that they hold the short attention span of a 3 year old. It’s the perfect thing to pop on just as we’ve got home from the school run, with a little snack in front of the TV as we all settle back into home life and warm up a bit!

Tinpo airs at 06.55am and 3.55pm each day on CBeebies and is also available on BBC iPlayer. Will you be watching?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I have been paid for my time in writing this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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