Max’s Dinosaur Themed Little Boy’s Room


When we started decorating Ben’s nursery, I was really keen to make sure that we updated Max’s bedroom at the same time. We hadn’t really updated it since it was decorated as his nursery, and, as a nearly 4 year old, I felt that it needed to reflect the fact that he’s a little boy now, no longer a baby! Max’s big love at the moment is dinosaurs, so it was an easy choice to make his new bedroom a dinosaur themed room.

While I have aspirations to be a crafty mum, I definitely lack the skills in that area. So a huge thank you to one of my favourite bloggers, Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely, who provided me with lots of inspiration for a few touches for this room. I loved her Jungle Bunting that she created for the Great Little Trading Company, and as we already had the Dinosaur Duvet set from Great Little Trading Company, it made the perfect accompaniment to that. Seriously, even if you’re not crafty, this is a really easy one! I think it looks great hung just above his bed.

We kept the grey colour on the walls and used grey star print accessories, and I used the green and navy colours of the dinosaur print on the duvet to bring the room together.

Little boy's bed, with white duvet with dinosaur print, grey bedroom walls, grey star print rug on floor, and basket full of cuddly toys on the floor

Bookshelves, displaying winter themed books on top shelf, and light up star and batman figure on bottom shelf

As Max gets older, we seem to acquire more and more books! We kept in place his book ledges that we had in the nursery, and I love setting them up with little displays. But we needed much more book storage than that now, so I bought the Grey Star Sling Bookcase, again from GLTC.

View into corner of room with white chest of drawers with books and toys on top, grey star print sling bookshelf, and bookshelf ledges on the wall, displaying books and star LED light, Batman lego figure, and teddy bear

Great Little Trading Company Star Sling Bookshelf

But even that doesn’t store all of Max’s books, so I bought these little MDF bookends from eBay, painted them in the same blue as the rest of the room, and added these cute little dinosaur figures from The Good Dinosaur. I was really keen that the dinosaur theme wasn’t too scary for Max, so these Disney figures were perfect.

Close up of child's bookshelf with navy painted wooden bookend and green dinosaur figure on it

Top of chest of drawers, with Toy Story toys stood together, and books with dinosaur bookends

Another touch stolen from Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely is the clipboards on the wall. I’ve always loved the different ways that Rachel uses these in her decor, and I thought they would make a really fun touch in Max’s room. I chose a set up of 6, with 3 painted in magnetic chalkboard paint, and 3 in the room’s colour scheme colours. I’m intending that Max will be able to display his pictures on them, and on the magnetic chalkboards we’ve displayed little magnet photos from Cheerz, dinosaur magnets from JoJo Maman Bébé, and little chalk messages.

Display of 6 painted clipboards, 3 on top row and 3 on bottom, displaying photo magnets, chalkboard writing, and dinosaur magnets

Close up of clipboard display wall with Cheerz photo magnets and JoJo Maman Bebe dinosaur magnets

With the long winter we’ve had this year, we’ve done a lot of crafting indoors. But hey, as I said earlier, I’m not the most crafty Mum, and it’s hard to really supervise a 3 year old when you have a baby who won’t be put down, so I’ve bought a lot of things from Hobbycraft and just set Max at them with a paintbrush!  The ROAR letters and the paper mache dinosaurs are all Hobbycraft purchases, and the little dinosaur nightlights next to them are from A Little Lovely Company.

You really can’t beat a Kallax storage cube, can you? I love the GLTC storage cubes though, and I couldn’t resist these dinosaur ones that match the duvet and fit with the dinosaur room theme. I felt the grey rope storage basket offset them perfectly, and in the bottom corner is Max’s memory box from Sophia Victoria Joy, where all of his little finds end up.

Ikea Kallax storage cube, with Great Little Trading Company Dinosaur storage cubes, and rope storage basket

Acorn and Pip Brontosaurus height chart

White picture ledges, displaying winter themed books, LED star light, Batman figure and superhero teddy bear, with Grey Star Print Sling bookshelf from GLTC

Other items

Room Name Plaque – JoJo Maman Bebe

Star Print Rug – Sass & Belle

Dinosaur height chart – Acorn & Pip

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