22 Months


Here we are, rapidly careering towards the onset of the Terrible Twos. Well, scratch that, I think we may already be there, given the level of tantrums going on in our house lately, but hey! You’ve reached the grand old age of 22 months – so old now that soon we’ll stop counting in months and just go for the years.

You are very much a little boy now, rather than the baby it feels like you were only a short time ago. You had your first haircut, and suddenly look so much older. Your speech has finally started to come, and it’s coming thick and fast, in leaps and bounds, making me wonder why I wasted so much energy worrying about it. You seem to say new words every day at the moment – lately we’ve had ‘train’, ‘chocolate’, ‘potato’, and even ‘gently’, which is what you seem to think my Mum’s cat is called (every time you go to stroke him I say ‘gently!’).

You love to hug and your spontaneous hugs are always the highlight of my day – it’s a proper ‘fling your arms round my neck’ kind of hug which is just amazing! . They’re not limited to me and Daddy though – you’ll hug other children at nursery, and even children you’ve not met before. Clearly you’re much more of a social butterfly than I am! You love to charm people when we’re out and about, saying ‘hello!’ to everyone. Anyone who says hello back or smiles is treated to a huge wave and further ‘hellos’!

You love to jump on our new bed, which is that little bit higher than our last bed, so I’m constantly on edge that you’re going to fall off, but you know no fear and just release a peal of giggles that makes my heart melt. It’s the sound of your giggling that I’ll miss the most when you get older – that and the cuddles.



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