Ben at 6 Months


I’ve not done regular monthly updates for Ben, but 6 months is a bit of a milestone and needs recording in some way. I genuinely can’t believe we’ve hit 6 months already, I’m sure with a second child the time whizzes by at least 4 times as quickly!

Ben, you are such a happy little guy – full of smiles and giggles. It’s so easy to get a smile from you, even walking around the supermarket you can’t help beaming at everyone who looks your way. I know if you’re looking a bit grumpy that a quick round of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, or Pop Goes The Weasel will get you laughing again. But no-one gets a bigger smile than your big brother. Just as Max adores you, you think he’s the funniest person around and can’t help laughing at him, or just looking up at him with the most adoring eyes.

Just like your brother though, you’re a child of extremes, and when you’re not happy you really do make it known. Suffice to say you have a very impressive pair of lungs – something I think you probably get from your opera singing mum!

You’re such a little chatterbox – I think you were born chattering away in little squawks, and they’ve developed even more this last month. Whenever you’re happy you can’t help squealing with excitement. You’re a real communicator – always trying to catch people’s eyes, and you’re already trying to wave. You couldn’t have been more thrilled than the day I converted the pram to a pushchair and you could see everyone as we walk around.


Ben dressed in reindeer hoodie, cuddling two cuddly toy reindeer


You’re making new discoveries every day at the moment it seems. You can roll over, both from your front to your back, and now from your back to your front too. Although you rarely choose to do it, you’re more happy trying to grab your feet! You love your toys too – whether it’s a cuddly toy, or a brightly coloured ball, you’re fascinated by anything that we present you with.

I suppose it’s not surprising that you love your bath. You were born in the water, in your waters, so it obviously feels very familiar to you. As soon as I pop you in now you’re kicking your legs and splashing about, not remotely phased by water splashing you in the face. Although you’re not a fan of being put on your back in the water – sitting or front down is essential!


Closeup of baby being thrown into the air. Baby is wearing a navy bear suit and has a big smile on his face


Despite your lack of desire to sleep at night, your daytime sleeping is actually really good. You’re happy to sleep anywhere – in your cot, in the car, in your pushchair, in the sling, in my arms, you’re not fussy.

One thing you’re not a fan of so far though is food. I was advised to try early weaning by our doctor due to your reflux, but 3 attempts have proved completely unsuccessful. Hopefully this coming month we’ll be able to experiment a bit more and you’ll start enjoying some new flavours.

It’s been an absolute joy getting to know you over the past 6 months. Already I can see your personality starting to emerge and I can’t wait to see more and more of it over the coming months. Happy 6 months sweetheart – we love you xx

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