23 Months


23 months – just one month now until you’ll be turning two! I know all parents say it, but where did that time go? It seems like just the other day we were bringing you home from the hospital but here you are rapidly growing up into a little man.

Your kind side has really come out this month – you’ve started saving your last grape / piece of biscuit for me and then feeding me it. You even handed me have the little biscuit that came with my coffee at M&S the other day – normally it’s swiped from under my nose before I can get a look in! Despite loving your food, you’re clearly a much better sharer of it than I am (although I’ve had to get better at this since you arrived!).

When we’re watching In The Night Garden before bed, you like to stroke my hand during the intro, just like the mummy (or Daddy?) does to the little boy or girl on the screen. You’re definitely a big fan of TV these days – we’re having to put a few boundaries in place on this one, which you’re not a fan of. You have a great sense of humour though, and regularly burst out into peals of belly laughs at someone that’s happened on the TV.


23 months


You’re so cheeky at the moment – you love to play hide and seek, closing the door and then knocking loudly, before flinging it open and shouting “Hello!” You’ve also started randomly licking my face, which I’m not totally sure I’m a fan of – I think I laughed the first time you did it which encouraged you! Big mistake there.

Although you’re Mr Independent at nursery, you still don’t like to walk anywhere and would much rather that I carry you. I’m building up massive arm muscles but I think the end of your carrying days are in sight!

I can’t believe that your next update will be your 2 year one – a baby no more!

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