A Birthday Celebration with Baker Days


Last weekend my little guy turned two and I can’t believe where the time has gone! It seems simultaneously like he’s been in our lives forever, but also like it was only yesterday when we bought him home from the hospital. And a key feature of any birthday celebration for me is cake, and lots of it, so when the lovely people at Baker Days got in touch to ask if I’d like to receive one of their Letterbox cakes* to celebrate Max’s 2nd Birthday I was delighted!

I love the concept of receiving unexpected things through the letterbox – letterbox flowers have taken off recently, and cakes are the latest thing to go letterbox sized. We all know the hassle of being sent a gift but missing the delivery and finding it a pain to reschedule or go to collect, so the letterbox cake is the perfect way to send someone a little surprise gift without any worry about them receiving it. The cakes are sent out by Royal Mail, and no signature is required, so it just pops through the letterbox as a complete surprise.

Each cake is 12cm by 2.5cm, designed to serve 3-4 people, and is perfectly designed to fit through a letterbox. The letterbox cakes cost £14.99 each, including delivery, The selection on the website is great, with loads of different designs to choose from, and you can even personalise it completely by uploading a photo to be printed onto it. Knowing my son though, I chose a design with a cute little robot on it, as I knew that he’d prefer that to a photo version, personalising it a little with his name.


Letterbox Cake


When it arrived I was really impressed by the packaging – the cake comes in it’s own little cake tin, with air holes in the top to allow ventilation. The cake is sealed in plastic to keep it nice and fresh, and the tin means that it can be transported without risking damage and it arrived without the slightest flaw. The box also included a few balloons, two candles, and a party blower which I thought was a really nice touch.



Baker Days Letterbox Cake


We actually used the tin to transport this cake all around Marwell Zoo on the day of Max’s birthday, and it provided the perfect buffer while being bumped around in a rucksack!

We chose regular sponge for our cake, although you can also choose from chocolate chip sponge, fruit cake, and gluten or dairy free options (for a small additional fee). The sponge was light and the small layer of buttercream and icing was just right for the amount of sponge – given that the cake is only 2.5cm tall the addition of jam or any more icing would have been too much.


Cake with slice gone


I often find that with cake, although it’s a big part of a birthday celebration for me, it’s often not finished and there is lots left over, so for me, the small size of this one is ideal. We certainly polished off ours very quickly!


Letterbox cake

Max eating cake


As you can see from the pictures, Max was a big fan of the cake and wolfed down quite a large piece! Eating cake is obviously a very serious business for him though – look at his little face!

I think a letterbox cake would make such a lovely thoughtful gift for a relative who lives a long way away, or a friend who’s just had a baby – a lovely surprise to pop through the door! Baker Days have such a huge range of celebration cakes, you’re bound to find one that fits an upcoming event for a friend – go on, have a browse!


You can find and contact Baker Days through any of the channels below:

Website:  http://www.bakerdays.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Bakerdays

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bakerdays

*I was generously gifted this letterbox cake in exchange for my honest review. All words and opinions are my own.