Christmas through the eyes of a toddler


I’ve always loved Christmas. My parents did so much to make sure that our Christmases were a happy time, surrounded by family and full of tradition and I have so many happy memories of Christmas. But somewhere along the line, you grow up, and that magic sparkle of Christmas fades slightly.

The traditions that you love have become familiar friends – there is a nostalgic joy in them rather than the raw enthusiasm that was there in childhood. I suppose it’s inevitable as you grow up really.


But this year, seeing Christmas through my two year old’s eyes, the magic is back.


Everything is new to him, everything is a delight. The joy on his face as he opens his advent calendar; the concentration as he hangs up the baubles on the tree in just the right spot; the squeals of delight as we decorate gingerbread together.


Close up of Max's hands hanging the bauble on the Christmas tree


He points to our fireplace and excitedly tell me “Santa!” and I wonder where he’s picked this up from, because, although we’ve talked a lot about Santa, the chimney aspect is not something we’ve mentioned. His first Christmas party at nursery – where the whole day he’s been shouting “party!” excitedly, but then he freezes when we walk into the busy hall – “This is what a party is?” – before warming up to the concept and jumping around to the music like the crazy ball of energy he usually is.

Making Christmas cards to give to family, and seeing his proud face as he hands them over. Visiting Father Christmas and watching him sit there, hesitantly at first, but then telling him all those little things that I know he would never normally tell a stranger.

Nothing about Christmas gets boring for him – he’s as excited about seeing a Christmas tree today as he was when he saw the first one of the year. And every time he says “Christmas tree too” – just in case I’d forgotten that we have one at home.


Closeup of Max's face, with a huge smile


It’s that unbridled enthusiasm for everything that is so infectious. The enthusiasm that is there everyday when you’re a toddler, but somehow at Christmas is amplified tenfold. There is so much joy to find everywhere you look, and seeing it anew through the eyes of your child brings all the magic of Christmas flooding back.


Happy Christmas to you all – I hope whatever your plans are, you have a very special time.

  • Laura @dearbearandbeany
    December 20, 2016

    Ah I love this! Holly is just the same, she loves driving and seeing all the lights on people’s houses. I’m loving this year with both my girls excited x

  • Natalie @memeandharri
    December 22, 2016

    Such a lovely post – I have always been such a big Christmas person but since becoming a Mum it is even more magical and special, especially now both girls are at the age where they understand it all a bit more. xxx

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