Our favourite Christmas books for toddlers


I love switching up our book display to reflect seasonal events and Christmas is the biggest one of all! I remember fondly getting all of our Christmas books down from the loft along with the decorations and it was always like being reunited with old friends. Christmas books for toddlers can be a difficult one though – Max is very picky about what books he’ll tolerate, and definitely has his favourites which I wanted to share with you here.


Stick Man

I love Julia Donaldson books and Max is slowly warming up to them. We’ve owned Stick Man for a long time, but at first it was just too old for him. I have to admit that his interest in Stick Man grew from seeing the TV animation – once he saw the book on the shelf and recognised the characters it was an easy sell. It’s a tale of Stick Man, who gets separated from his stick family one day and drawn into various perilous situations, trying his hardest to get back home. It’s a great way to introduce Santa too – it’s not overly Christmassy, so we keep it out all year and is great to ease a toddler into the idea of Christmas.

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Spot’s First Christmas

We’re a big fan of the Spot books – they’re lift the flap style, so perfect for engaging toddlers, and the writing is lovely and simple which means that Max loves to shout out the words as you read. In Spot’s Christmas you join the family on Christmas Eve, as they wrap presents and decorate their tree.

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Bookshelf displaying selection of Christmas books for toddlers


Dear Santa

Dear Zoo is an absolute classic and still one of Max’s favourites, and Dear Santa is a nice twist on the story. Another lift the flap book, it follows Santa as he tries to find the perfect gift – not too big, not too small, not too tall … I wonder what he might send in the end?

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The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas

I was a bit sceptical about this one as I felt it was a little bit too old for Max, but I underestimated the hilarious appeal of poo! It’s a tale of a boy and his dinosaur – a dinosaur who accidentally eats Christmas! Not just the presents, the decorations, the Christmas dinner, but even Granny! But as we all know, what goes in must come out – a fact which is endlessly amusing to toddlers everywhere.

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The Christmas Bear

The Christmas Bear illustration showing Christmas tree with presents underneath


This is a lovely lift the flap book – illustrated by Axel Scheffler (of The Gruffalo fame), it definitely has that distinctive style. The illustrations are lovely and detailed and it can take quite a while to locate where the flap is! There is so much to point out that I can see this being a favourite in years to come too.

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Peppa's Christmas and The Snowman books


The Snowman: A Puppet Play Book

The full version of The Snowman is a little bit beyond us at the moment in terms of Max’s attention span, but this was a Christmas present from last year and is perfect for toddlers. Max loves the puppet (although he’s never been fooled by puppets, even as a baby – he would always just look behind and pull it off your hand!) and the words are brief enough to keep his attention. A perfect choice for babies and toddlers, and a great introduction to The Snowman.

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Peppa’s Christmas

It’s the book I often wish we’d never bought as we ended up reading it over and over again last Christmas! It’s shown no signs of being less popular this year either, although thankfully Max now has other favourites that he’ll tolerate. It’s a short read without too much text, and of course features the lovely Peppa and George, as well as a guest appearance from Santa! What more could you want?

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Do you have any favourite Christmas books for toddlers? I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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