Parenting Blogs you should be reading


I’ve been a big reader of blogs for a long time now, but it’s only in starting to write my own that I’ve begun to read less well established blogs as well as the big names. It’s amazing the amount of blogging talent out there, so I thought it would be a great idea to list some of my favourite ‘newer’ parenting blogs for those who haven’t come across them yet!


Squished Blueberries

Louise is a mum to Mabel, Greta and Ernest (such fabulous names!) and posts about daily life as a mum of 3. Expect lots of fun Days Out posts, but also heartfelt writing about the ups and downs of motherhood. I love Louise’s first post ‘Something for me‘, about what inspired her to start blogging, and ‘I bought my own Mother’s Day Present‘.


Island Living 365

Only started up at the start of 2016, Island Living 365 is written by Emma, a mum living on Jersey – so expect lots of beautiful photography that will make you want to relocate to the coast immediately! Emma’s writing is thoughtful, well written, and relatable, and her blog has fast become one of my favourite reads. My favourite post so far is ‘Stop worrying and start parenting‘, a subject that I’ve written about too, but I think Emma expresses it far more eloquently here!


Meme and Harri

Meme and Harri is written by Natalie – a gorgeous mum to two lovely little girls, Meme, 5, and Harri, 2. Her blog is around the same ‘age’ as mine, so I’ve loved seeing it develop. I love reading about their days out, but also thought provoking reads like ‘Do I spoil my children‘. Check out Natalie’s gorgeous Instagram account too!


Life is Knutts

Gemma is that rare thing which I aspire to be and fall flat of the mark every time – genuinely funny! Mum to three boys, she blogs about mum struggles that we can all relate to – all washed down with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Check out ‘Mummy vs. Daddy‘, on why Daddy knows everything and Mummy is an idiot. Gemma is also a big gin connoisseur, and is writing a cocktail series which I hope to work my way through!


Beauty, Baby and Me

Beauty, Baby and Me is written by Fi, a gorgeous mum to baby Josh. I’ve loved reading Fi’s posts about getting to grips with motherhood – it’s brought back so many lovely memories for me now that my little boy is that bit older. Beauty, Baby and Me is such a positive space, with a fab community of commenters too – check out Fi’s 5 Things Body Confidence Challenge for a really positive read about body image. She’s recently been doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, which as a 3 posts a week blogger has me a little bit in awe. And – she’s a MADS 2016 Finalist if you needed any more convincing that her blog is fab!


I hope I’ve introduced you to some great new reads – do go grab a cup of coffee and check out all these lovely ladies blogs!