Introducing British Baby Box & Baby Annabell


I’m sure you’ve heard of the Finnish tradition where new mothers are gifted a Baby Box by the government, filled with all kinds of goodies that their baby will need in the first few months, bed which will serve as the baby’s first bed. Not just a lovely idea, but a very practical and safety focused one; Finland now has the 5th lowest infant mortality rate in the world, and the Baby Box programme is believed to have played a significant role in that. Apparently Finland even sent one to Prince George when he was born as a gift – if it’s good enough for Prince George…!

The idea has become very popular with Nicola Sturgeon championing the scheme in Scotland, and following a successful pilot, from this summer every newborn in Scotland will receive a Baby Box.


British Baby Box


British Baby Box was set up by mothers Sarah Simons and Susan Purse and, inspired by the Finnish concept, has become massively successful in the UK, securing partnerships with some leading charities, including Barnados and Save the Children. I love the good things that they’ve managed to achieve through these partnerships – sending 500 boxes to a women’s charity in Iraq, and 1,600 boxes to Syrian refugees. They also help to promote relevant baby-related charities like Kicks Count and the Lullaby Trust, and include leaflets from both with their products.


British Baby Box


As well as their partnerships with charities abroad, British Baby Box have ensured a focus on British design and manufacturing – the box and everything in them is sourced from UK suppliers, including Neom Organics, Cheeky Chompers, Love Boo, and Molly and Monty, amongst others. It’s truly a British brand.


What did I think?

I have to admit that I loved the concept when I first read about it last year. The concept of putting your baby to bed in a box might take a bit of adjusting to, but the thinking behind it makes perfect sense. It’s lightweight, easy to transport from room to room, and fits perfectly with all of the sleep recommendations from the Lullaby Trust, who British Baby Box partner with as one of their charities. The box would make a perfect gift, as it can be filled with all kinds of goodies – either ones chosen by you, or one of the pre-madeup boxes from British Baby Box. They offer simply the box, with the organic waterproof mattress and sheet, at £50, and then 3 different levels of gift boxes – right up to the luxury option, priced at £450, including Neom Organics candles, enough Molly and Monty bodysuits and vests to get you through the newborn days, Love Boo baby toiletries, Cheeky Chompers teething toys, and much more. The luxury option is definitely seriously impressive, but I think it would also be lovely as a gift filled with items you’d chosen yourself – nappies, wipes, blankets, just those basics that everyone needs in those first few months.

The box itself is really lovely – plain white with little grey stars on – and would fit with any nursery scheme. It really is so versatile – the lid of the box can be used as a changing lid, and then once your baby has outgrown the box, you can use it for toy storage, or keepsakes. I’m planning to keep ours in the living room for daytime napping, as we already have a co-sleeper which the baby will sleep in overnight.


British Baby Box and Baby Annabell

British Baby Box have partnered with Baby Annabell and their Baby Annabell Newborn – the smallest and most lightweight doll in the Baby Annabell range. She has a soft body and her body, hat, and little bib can all be easily washed if they get dirty (which we all know is highly likely with baby toys!). She also has a little rattle inside, making her the perfect companion for your newborn. I gave her a little try with my 11 week old niece and she was a big hit – she loved how soft she was and kept trying to touch her. Although, even if my own new arrival isn’t taken with her, I’m hoping that she’ll make a nice little baby for Max to look after while I’m busy with his little brother!


Baby Annabell Newborn

Baby Annabell Newborn


Have you heard of Baby Boxes before? Are you sold, or is it still an idea you find it hard to get your head around?


Disclosure: I was kindly sent both the British Baby Box and Baby Annabell in exchange for my views in this post. As always, all words and opinions are my own.