Potty Training on the go with My Carry Potty – Review


Potty training is one of those things that I dreaded – you never quite know how it’s going to go! I count ourselves very lucky that Max took to it without any problems and was so proud of himself to be a ‘big boy’ now. But one thing that we’ve still struggled with is when we’re out and about, a long way from a toilet.

We love being outdoors. A visit to a big garden, a National Trust, picnics in the summer – we love to feel the sunshine on our faces! But my experience of National Trusts and large gardens in general is that the toilets tend to be located near the entrance and it’ll be once you reach the further point that you hear that dreaded word coming from your toddler’s mouth – “weee!” Depending on the type of place you are in, this may or may not be a huge problem – in a woodland no-one’s really going to bat an eyelid at a quick wee behind a tree. But in an ornamental garden that just feels very wrong! And my son is very particular about his privacy and often can’t go just out and about. So when we were asked to review My Carry Potty I jumped at the chance.


About My Carry Potty

My Carry Potty completely understand the toddler dilemma of nature calling ‘now’, when you’re a long way from a toilet. Designed by mum of three, Amanda Jenner, it’s a plastic travel potty that comes in a range of child friendly designs (including the bee, which we went for, a ladybird, a cow, as well as a plain yellow design). It’s completely leakproof and odourproof, should you find you can’t empty it where you are.


My Carry Potty - Bee


Our experience

I love the colourful designs – they really appeal to children and the Bee was definitely a big hit with Max. We also have a Potette, which I bought for this same purpose, but sadly Max refused point blank to sit on it. So I was thrilled when our My Carry Potty arrived, and he was so excited by the design! He loved his little bee, and immediately picked it up and started flying it around the room! I was quite surprised when he demanded that his next wee must be in the bee potty – we hadn’t even left the house!



My Carry Potty - inside


Compared to the Potette, this was far more similar to Max’s usual pottys, and he was perfectly happy to sit on it and it seemed very comfortable for him. It’s not a big potty, and for an older child may be on the small side, but personally I’d take the smaller size on balance as it makes it far easier to transport around. It fits perfectly in the basket under our pushchair, so is really convenient to take around with us, as well as being pretty discrete. With the colourful design and carry aspect, I don’t think someone would look at it and instantly think ‘potty’.


Max holding his My Carry Potty

My Carry Potty


I’m happy to confirm that we found My Carry Potty to be completely leak-proof – it seals up really well, and I was totally confident in carrying it around with us without worrying.

I have to admit that looking at the potty, I did have some concerns about how easy it would be to empty, as the plastic is quite chunky. I concluded that I’d rather have it completely leak-proof than be really easy to empty. But thankfully this concern proved unfounded and there have been no spillages to date!

I love the fact that there are no fiddly bags to worry about – you just clip it back up and go, and empty when you get home. Although we’ve not had a huge number of incidents where we’ve had to use it, the peace of mind it’s given me is amazing. Before I would be slightly on edge whenever we had a visit out, or a long car journey, but knowing I have this on hand has made me so much more relaxed.

You can buy My Carry Potty from Cheeky Rascals, priced at £26.99 for the bee version*


*Price correct at April 2017


Disclosure: We were sent the My Carry Potty in exchange for an honest review. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

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