Oh Help, Oh No, It’s A Gruffalo!


We love the Gruffalo trail at Alice Holt, but for some reason it’s been absolutely ages since we last did it. Now that Ben is feeding a bit less often, I’m finally feeling able to head out with both children on my own, so we ventured out last week for a trip to seek out a Gruffalo.

Since our last visit, Alice Holt have installed lots of other characters from the Gruffalo story around the trail and that worked so well for encouraging Max to keep on going. It’s 1.5 miles, which, for a 3 year old, can be a bit hard going at times, but the thought of seeing the next sculpture kept him going (along with the bribe of a cookie which I used up towards the end!) He loved discovering each sculpture and insisted on taking a photo of them all with his own camera – and I was really surprised that they came out really well!


Max stood in front of a sculpture of the mouse from The Gruffalo

Max walking away from the camera, down a path lined with trees and covered with brown leaves. Max wearing navy coat and bobble hat

Little boy holding up camera, taking photo of the mouse sculpture

Wooden owl sculpture on the Gruffalo trail at Alice Holt

Max peering out from behind The Gruffalo's Child sculpture

Little boy, about 3, standing looking up at tree. He looks tiny compared to the height of the tree. Autumn leaves have fallen on the ground and are a carpet of orange


It’s such a great trail for children, as it’s absolutely fine to take the pushchair around. We especially loved the part that took you through the pine wood, where Max was enchanted by the Christmas trees. We’d taken his new Olli Ella Piki basket from Daisy Belle Dreams, and he loved hunting out tiny pine cones to put in it.


Little boy wearing navy blue duffle coat and bobble hat, stood looking up at a pine tree

Max walking along path lined with pine trees

Little boy walking along path in the forest, holding white wicker basket

Close up of little boy holding white wicker basket

Max stood in the forest, wearing navy duffle coat and holding white basket, looking down at the ground

Little boy sat on wooden bench, wearing navy duffle coat and bobble hat, surrounded by autumn leaves on the ground


Once we emerged from the pine forest, we discovered a huge carpet of leaves at our feet. Ben had fallen asleep in the pushchair at this point, so Max and I had a great time throwing the leaves at each other. The look on his face as he’d come towards me with a huge handful of leaves to dump on my head was so funny. And when we got back to the car, I realised I still had so many leaves in my hair – no wonder we got a few smiles on the walk back!


Max running towards the camera, holding a huge handful of leaves

Max jumping in the air, with leaves falling all around him

Max laughing, with leaves falling all around him

Max jumping in the air, throwing leaves up

The Gruffalo sculpture at Alice Holt



Alice Holt, Farnham, GU10 4LS

Entrance: free (parking from £1.80 per hour)

Website: https://www.forestry.gov.uk/aliceholt