A Visit to Loseley Park Gardens


I’m always on the lookout for new gardens to explore and Loseley Park is one that’s near to us, but I only discovered it for the first time last year. It was full of beautiful late summer planting and I love the small scale of it, but the fact that the way it was divided up into so many little garden rooms meant that there was lots to explore.

We visited again this summer after a week of illness for Max. I’ve never seen him so wiped out – just lying on the sofa, sucking his thumb and having cuddles. He seemed a bit better, but I was conscious of not asking too much of him, so I thought the small scale of Loseley would make a great trip for him.

I was absolutely right – he loved darting down all the little paths. The first part of the garden is the rose garden – spectacular at the right time of year (which is when I visited last year), but we were a bit late for the roses.



Boxus lined pathway at Loseley Park Guildford

Max smiling in pathway with roses in the background

The rose garden arbor at Loseley Park


Through into the flower garden  though and it’s a completely different story. So much gorgeous late summer colour, with yellows, oranges and purples springing up everywhere you look. There were also lots of hollyhocks, that clearly would have been fabulous just a few weeks before – next year I must try and visit between the roses and late summer to catch those.


Late summer border at Loseley Park Guildford

Max coming through long grass on John's shoulders

Max walking through yellow plants and grass border with Max on his shoulders

Echinacea at Loseley Park Garden Guildford

Max running through paths at Loseley Park Guildford

Max running down gravel path lined with boxus domes

Close up of pink hollyhocks at Loseley Park Guildford

Close up of yellow plant against brick wall


I think my favourite part of the garden was the White Garden – a rectangular pond, surrounded by plants in different shades of white and silver. The paths surrounded it were planted deep with green and white hydrangeas, luscious grasses, white anemones, all of which invited you to run your fingers through them (if you’re 3 years old anyway!)


The White Garden at Loseley Park Garden Guildford

The pond at the White Garden at Loseley Park Gardens

Max running around the edge of the pond in the White Garden at Loseley Park

Anemones in The White Garden at Loseley Park Garden

Max standing looking across the pond in the White Garden at Loseley Park

Max running away running his hands through long grass

Max running his hands through long grass


Loseley Park House itself is a beautiful greystone building and open for tours at certain times of the day. Sadly I don’t feel an old house and a 3 year old are good companions, so we gave the house a miss. I loved the hydrangeas outside though!


Hydrangeas against stone of Loseley Park House

Loseley Park House




Loseley Park House and Gardens, Guildford GU3 1HS

Admission: Garden only, Adult £5.50, Child (5-16) £2.50

Opening times: Sunday to Thursday: May to September 11.00am – 5.00pm. (Closed Friday & Saturday)

Website: http://www.loseleypark.co.uk/visiting-loseley/

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  • Laura @dearbearandbeany
    September 12, 2017

    Beautiful Katy. I love that pond and stunning photos as always X

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