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This is a sponsored post, as part of my Brand Ambassador role with Johnson’s Baby


I can’t be the only parent out there who sometimes (ok, scratch that – often!) dreads bathtime. Max has been through lots of ups and downs with bathtime, and although he now loves it, washing his hair is still a struggle. Sometimes I think our neighbours must question our parenting from the screams that echo down our street during our bathtimes! If the thought of hairwash night brings you out in a cold sweat, then read on for my top tips for how we’ve managed to ease the stress of the hairwash.


The Skip Hop Moby Whale Pourer, sat on the side of a bath


The Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser Whale

This little whale has been a total game changer for us! Max’s main objection to having his hair washed is getting water on his face. This whale pourer from Skip Hop is one of the simplest, but most ingenious inventions I’ve come across. The lip provides a seal when you press it against your child’s forehead, which means when they tip their head back, the water all flows away from their face. Although make sure that you get it right the first time you do it to sell it to them – my husband tackled this first and accidently poured water all over Max’s face!


No More Tears

Even with the best will in the world, it’s inevitable that shampoo is going to get into your child’s eyes at some point. Kids love to splash in the bath, and as soon as water gets on Max’s face, he’ll be rubbing his eyes before I can stop him. All Johnson’s Baby shampoos have the unique No More Tears formula, which means that they’re proven to be as gentle as water if they do get in your eyes. So even when your child is screaming “my eyes, my eyes!”, you can feel confident that they’re not in any pain.


Set of 3 plastic chemistry vials on the side of a bath, with little boy dropping water from a pipette into them


Make Bathtime Fun

Making bathtime fun has been key in bringing Max around to seeing bathtime as something to look forward to. We have a huge range of bathtime toys, including squirty fish, a bubble ice cream maker, boats, submarines, and containers for his ‘science experiments’, and we encourage lots of bubbles and splashing (within limits!). Even if he still hates having his hair washed, he looks forward to the rest of bathtime.


Johnson's Baby spray in conditioner bottles, sat on the side of a bath


Spray-In Conditioner

Until becoming a Johnson’s Baby Ambassador I didn’t use conditioner on my children’s hair. When you have a reluctant hair washer, the thought of putting in another product and then having to rinse it out can be just too much to face! But children’s hair is much finer than adult hair, and a light conditioner is really important to keep it looking shiny and full of life. Working with Johnson’s Baby has been an amazing educational experience for me, not just in learning about what children’s hair needs, but also learning about products I had no idea existed!


We love the Johnson’s Baby spray-in conditioner which can be applied to wet or dry hair and then combed through to detangle. It’s included in two ranges, the Shiny Drops and No More Tangles, both of which smell amazing. Max loves the spray-in conditioner so much he uses it himself every morning to ‘style’ his hair. And I love the smell so much that I’m stealing them for styling my own hair too!


Baby wrapped up in bath towel, laughing and looking up at the camera


Snuggle Up

Aside from the hair wash, the end of bathtime is always the worst part. No-one likes getting out of a nice warm bath and finding they’re all cold, so make sure you have lots of nice warm and fluffy towels to bundle your kids up in. Our two especially like what my husband calls “the rumplebump” – a vigorous rubbing down with accompanying silly noises akin to being in the tumble dryer!


Do your kids love or hate bathtime? I’d love any tips you have for making it all go smoothly.



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