Fields of Dreams – The Confetti Flower Fields


This time last year, my Instagram feed exploded with photos of the most beautiful pastel coloured flower fields – pinks, blues, and purples as far as the eye could see. I love a flower field of any description, so I headed straight off to look up the Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, who own the fields, and discovered that for just over a week every July, they open their flower field to the public, who can wander amongst the delphiniums. I actually had a diary note for the start of June to check when they would be opening the field this year, so when I looked it up and saw that their open week this year coincided with our trip to the Cotswolds, this was top of my list for a visit!

The Confetti Fields are based in Wick, Pershore, on the Northern edge of the Cotswolds, and this year were open from 28th June to 8th July. Admission is £2.50 for adults and children over 5, with under 5’s free. If you fancy going next year, join their Facebook page, which will let you know next year’s dates as soon as they’ve confirmed them.


Woman standing with back to the camera, in the middle of multicoloured flowers, wearing blue and white striped sundress and sunhat

Multicoloured pastel delphiniums at the Real Flower Petal Company Confetti Fields in Wick


We arrived bright and early at 10am, and followed the small stream of traffic down a narrow road, following the signs to the flower field. One of my concerns had been parking – most of my flower field trips involve very limited parking, with a few spaces on the side of a field, but they clearly know the popularity here, as their parking field was enormous!


The fields are absolutely spectacular. You can follow two paths which take you through the various colours of flowers – multicoloured pinks and purples first, and then deep pink, pastel pink, pastel purple, and deep purple – towards a viewing platform at the back of the field which offers you a spectacular view of the whole field.


Field of delphiniums, with row of deep pink in front and white behind


It did make me laugh on their Facebook page that someone questioned why you’d want to visit this place. And I get it – it’s literally just a field of flowers! There’s not much more to it really. But for me, and hundreds of other people clearly, the appeal of those pastel petals is huge and offers such a beautiful spot for photos.

Having said that, they’ve tried to make the most of it as a day out, with a tent selling drinks and cakes, a tractor for kids to play on, and a stand where you could buy delphiniums to take home with you (huge bunches for £5, so very reasonable!). The tractor had huge appeal for Max, and it was all he wanted to do, so photos of him actually in the fields are non-existent!  I actually found it a really difficult place to take photos, with the really bright sunshine and no shade to be found, hence why so many photos of me are with my back to the camera! My long suffering husband did manage to get some lovely ones though, and I especially love this one of me and Ben. I love his cheeky little smile!


Woman holding baby on hip, stood in field of pink delphiniums

Woman holding baby in the air in field of pink dephiniums at the Confetti Field in Wick

Little boy pretending to drive a tractor, wearing blue shirt and shorts and red sunglasses

Woman stood in field of deep pink delphiniums at the Confetti Field in Wick


It seems from my Instagram feed that so many bloggers and Instagrammers made the trip here this year, it’s been so lovely seeing my feed explode with pink!

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