How We’re Doing With Our 2018 Bucket List


Well, here we are in June and I thought it would be good to see how we’re doing with progress on our 2018 bucket list. It feels like we’ve been pretty busy this year already, and I know we’ve ticked off quite a few.



We’ve made reasonable progress on our ‘general’ list, given that we’re halfway through the year. We’ve not managed to visit the zoo, or Camber Sands yet, but they’re in our plans for the summer.

We’ve actually managed not one, but two family photo shoots, one for me and the boys in the bluebells with And Then She Clicked, and a second with the whole family with Hazelnut Photography with a trip to Claremont Landscape Garden. And we have another shoot arranged for September!


Photo by And Then She Clicked

Photo by Rachel Tennant, Hazelnut Photography


We’ve also made good progress on our plans for an extension, and not only have we had plans drawn up, we’ve submitted them to the council and we’re awaiting their decision on our application. If it gets approved, it will take us from a cramped 3 bedroom house, with two tiny bedrooms for the boys, to a 4 bedroom house with a great layout for our family.

We’ve not done quite so well on our monthly date night. It was going pretty well until April, when my parents, our brilliant babysitters, went on holiday, and we’ve not managed one in either April or May. It’s our anniversary in June, so I think we need to get back on this one.



Looking back at our list we’ve done pretty well here too! Max and I planted potatoes in grow bags together, and we’ve planted sunflower seeds in pots. Max has been so excited to see them grow, and I can’t wait to measure them as they grow taller. We’ve not done so well on our raised bed – it was full of weeds at the start of the year, and we’re only just starting to clear it now, which will definitely limit what we can grow in it. But we’ve made lots of progress in the rest of the garden and it’s really starting to take shape now to be the cottage garden that I had in mind.

We had an Easter Egg Hunt, which Max loved so much that he’s recreated it himself around the house with Mega Bloks and a basket. I’m still finding Mega Bloks in strange places now!

We made the most of bluebell season this year, and as well as our bluebell photo shoot, we visited them at Greys Court and Leith Hill.


Katy, holding baby Ben, stood in front of wisteria, dressed in pale green dress and yellow saltwater sandals


We also made not just one, but two trips to Greys Court to see the wisteria – although the second one Max whizzed us through so quickly I’m not sure that it can really count.

We’ve not managed to camp out in the garden yet – one for our summer list I think!


I’m quite impressed with how many of these we’ve managed to tick off our list, and I’m looking forward to tackling our summer bucket list now. Lavender, beaches, and strawberries await!






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