Introducing the Magical Hydrangea – 6 Months of Blooms!


I’m very guilty of changing my favourite flower with the season, but the one I always come back to is the hydrangea. They’re unashamedly bold, beautifully colourful, and dramatic. It’s no surprise they’re all over Instagram at the moment! I based my whole wedding around them, with hydrangeas in every colour filling the ceremony room.

But the downside of every beautiful flower is a short blooming time, and I find myself waiting patiently every year for July, when my hydrangeas bloom, only for them to be looking past their best come September. So imagine my intrigue when I heard about the Magical Hydrangea – a hydrangea that blooms for 6 months of the year, from May to November, and which ages beautifully through the seasons.


Magical Hydrangea in Magical Revolution Pink close up


The Magical Four Seasons Hydrangea changes colour 3-4 times over the course of the year, with the different colours depending on the variety. I was kindly sent the Magical Revolution, in both blue and pink, which starts off as green, becomes a vibrant hot pink or blue, and then fades back to a green tinged pink or blue, and then finally to an autumnal deep pink or blue. As with all hydrangeas, you can pot in acid soil if you want blue blooms, and alkaline or neutral if you prefer the pink colour. I’ve gone for one of each, as I love the variety.

There are 8 varieties to choose from, including the stunning Ruby Tuesday – a beautiful deepest pink colour that is reallyunusual.

I think hydrangeas make the perfect patio plant and I’ve potted them both to add a bit of colour to our patio. Hydrangeas do like a warm spot but with plenty of shade, so I’ve positioned the pots in places that fall into shade fairly quickly during the day, and it’s crucial to keep potted hydrangeas watered regularly (try to make sure you water the soil and not the blooms). The fact that they bloom for such a long period makes them the perfect patio plant to me – their size and boldness makes them well suited to a patio, but to have a plant that can bloom for the entire summer makes this a must for adding colour to your outdoor seating area.



Magical Four Seasons Hydrangea in Magical Revolution Blue, potted in grey RHS ceramic pot


As well as being great patio plants, they make great cut flowers, and I love drying them out to keep them through the winter months. They’re also really low maintenance, and aside from keeping them well watered, deadheading, and applying a feed in spring, they require very little in terms of care. They really are one of the easiest but most rewarding plants you could look for!

I love the stage that both of these hydrangeas are at – they’re both in about stage 3 of their 4 season cycle, and it’s a beautifully muted colour. I especially love the green edging of the Pink Coral, which is very similar to some of the hydrangeas I had at my wedding which have been very difficult to find in florists since.


Magical Hydrangea close up in Magical Revolution Blue


Of course, I have yet to see whether the Magical Hydrangea does indeed bloom for me for 6 months of the year, but I love the stage they’re at right now, and I’m excited to see how they perform for me over the next year.

The Magical Hydrangea is available in Wyevale and Dobbies Garden Centres across the UK. If you’d like to find out more, just head to their website, where you can find out about the different varieties available.


Disclosure: I was sent the Magical Hydrangea for the purposes of this review, and compensated for my time in writing this post.


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