Me and Mine: February 2018


I can’t help but think of February as the last month of winter and it always feels so good to come to the end of it. Although this year winter is definitely clinging on hard! Despite the freezing weather, it’s been a much better month for us this month.

We’ve enjoyed trips out to see the butterflies at RHS Wisley, the vast carpets of snowdrops at Welford Park, and feeding the ducks at Dinton Pastures. We also planned lots of dinosaur related activities to keep Max amused during the cold weather, including making dinosaur fossils, a dinosaur dig, and a dinosaur hunt in the woods.

I touched on the developments with Ben’s dairy allergy last month, but it was still early days with it all. I’ve now been dairy and soy free for 7 weeks, and it’s amazing the difference that it’s made with Ben. He’s such a happy little smiler again and is full of giggles. His sleeping had been improving, but unfortunately we had a slip up at 6 weeks dairy free and he ate something which contained milk. I’m trying to view it as an unintentional confirmation of the allergy, as he reacted terribly to it, and it put him out of sorts for almost a week. We’re just coming out of that now, but it’s clear that he’s very sensitive to it, so we do need to be really careful with both his and my diets.

Max has really started to embrace Disney films lately, and this month has been all about Aladdin. He thinks the genie is the most hilarious character and cackles out loud whenever he’s on screen. I’m so pleased he’s starting to love Disney films – they were a big part of my own childhood and I can’t wait to introduce him to them all. He’s also been loving his new red wellies – strategically purchased as he needed new wellies, and they’ll work as part of his costume for World Book Day – Paddington!

It’s been another month where the weather and various illnesses have been against us, and we didn’t take our family photos this month until last Sunday. Max was pretty under the weather and very grumpy, but we felt we needed to get out for a little bit with him as he’d been cooped up for a while, so we headed to our closest National Trust, Claremont Landscape Garden, and took a few snaps. It was so sunny and not ideal for photos as the sun and shadows were so strong, and I don’t think we have even one where we’re all looking, but I love them anyway. Max looks so cute in his little red wellies and bobble hat, and Ben is growing up so quickly at the moment. I especially love the one where Max was clearly expecting me to pick him up for that shot – I didn’t get the memo, and he’s just stood with his arms inexplicably raised in the air!


Close up of Katy holding Max, John holding Ben

Mum, Dad, and baby crouching on grass in front of long avenue with tall brick tower in the background. Blue skies in the background without a cloud in the sky

Katy, with Max stood in front of her with his arms held up to be picked up, John holding Ben, stood on grass with brown hedges lining the path

Me and Mine February 2018



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