Me and Mine: June 2018


Oh June, you’ve been absolutely amazing! This is what summer should be like, and it feels so good after the last few years of a brief heatwave in May and then a washout for the rest of summer. We’ve had the best month as a family, and we’re really making the most our last few months before Max starts school.

Max is getting really excited about going to school in September. We had a parents evening at the start of the month and I think it was the turning point for me, where it finally seemed like it was close. The realities of stay and play sessions and buying uniform make it impossible to put to the back of your mind anymore! Unfortunately we are away for every one of the stay and play sessions, so while we were dropping off the forms at the school office last week, Max and I had a quick tour of the school and met all the reception teachers which was lovely. It was funny to see him so quiet initially, but by the end of the tour he’d warmed up to them and was chatting away about our upcoming holiday and all about his nursery.

We’ve filled our weekends with BBQs, strawberry picking, getting the paddling pool out, and we’ve had numerous trips to Legoland to make the most of the remaining time before Max’s Merlin Pass ran out. It’s been amazing to see how much confidence Max has gained in the last few months – he’s finally keen to go on all the rides, but sadly even at 4 years old, he’s still slightly off a metre tall, which has meant some disappointment for him. I’m hoping he’ll get there by the end of the summer!

Ben turned one at the start of the month and I can’t quite believe it’s come around so quickly. He’s had a bit of a tough month, which 3 teeth finally emerging at the same time. But he’s loving getting faster at the bum shuffling and being able to play with all his brother’s toys (much to Max’s dismay!)

I’ve had fun on my days with Ben exploring our local area a bit more. We discovered a beautiful poppy field tucked away, just down the road from us, and we’ve headed there twice this month for a walk. I’ve also started to regain a bit of an interest in fashion and Ben and I have been treading the pavements of Surrey’s high streets in search of summer clothes. My entire wardrobe doesn’t appear to fit me post baby, but it’s lovely to be able to choose clothes now without worrying if I can breastfeed in them now that Ben is feeding less often. Ben is such a lovely little shopping companion at this age too – he’s interested in everything, but laid back enough to sit in the pushchair and go wherever I fancy. I’m making the most of it now before he starts walking!

We’ve had a weekend away to Chicheley Hall in Northamptonshire, where we managed to visit both Castle Ashby and Canons Ashby. It was our first trip away in a hotel with the boys since our disastrous trip to Brighton when Ben was tiny, and it was such a success that I think we’ll look to do more little trips away.

John and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary at the start of the month. I say celebrated – we didn’t end up managing to do anything to celebrate! We were supposed to be seeing Nine Inch Nails at the Royal Festival Hall last week, but after a nightmare car journey to my sister’s to drop the kids off, and then two poorly children, meant that neither of us made it in the end.

Our photos this month were taken at Canons Ashby and I thought we’d found the perfect spot, in amongst the roses. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as good as I’d initially thought, as there were lots of families playing hide and seek behind us – there are very few where either of the boys are looking at the camera, they’re far more interested in the other children running around!

I love the last photo of my three boys together though – so much happiness right there and it just sums up our month.

July has our proper summer holiday in store, with a week in the Cotswolds and then a week in Cornwall, and my birthday right in the middle. I have a feeling July is going to be a good one!


Family standing in front of stone wall with roses planted in front of it. Dad is holding a baby and holding little boy's hand

Daddy and two young boys sat on stone step, laughing



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