Me and Mine: July 2018


Oh July, you beauty! I had a feeling it would be a pretty amazing month, and it really has been. The beautiful weather has definitely helped, and it’s felt like the kind of summer where memories are made.

We’ve had two amazing breaks, the first in the Cotswolds, and the second in Cornwall, but sometimes I think it’s the simplest memories that stay with you. Of the boys’ first taste of watermelon, sat in the back garden on the patio, too intent on eating to utter a word. Ice creams dripping on the grass and water fights with the hose. Trips to our local park where Max has tried the zipwire for the first time and loved it so much he couldn’t stop giggling. I’d been determined to fill our summer with days out, but actually, we’ve had just as much time at home, and it’s been wonderful.

Of course there was only one place we could take our family photos this month – on the beach in St Ives! We visit every year and it’s been where both of our boys have had their first holidays. We had the most wonderful week there this year – the first time we’ve been in summer, and we couldn’t have been luckier with the weather. We were on the beach every single day, swimming and paddling in the sea, and building sandcastles.

We headed down to the beach in the early evening and set up the camera. I think it’s one of the quickest family photoshoots we’ve done – we pretty much only took this one, but I think it’s a keeper! I love how ‘holiday’ we look – all golden and happy, and just that bit more laid back than usual. And I just love how Max is hugging Ben!


Woman wearing white dress and straw hat, stood on beach in summer, holding baby up in the air

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