More Postcards From St Ives


We visit St Ives every year, but this was the first time we’d visited in the height of summer and we really couldn’t have been luckier with the weather! We headed down after our week in the Cotswolds, which had been very busy, so I’d decided it would be best to have a really quiet week in Cornwall and just stick to playing on the beach and exploring St Ives. Which turned out to be exactly what we all needed!

I love visiting a place that is now so familiar and finding new ways to see it – new angles, different times of day – there’s always something new to see. I went for a walk early one morning and took some photos around the town.


St Ives - Bamaluz beach at sunrise, with view onto houses built onto clifftop

Pink and white beach houses in St Ives on Porthmeor Beach

St Ives cottage with blue front door and blue and white life buoy

St Ives cottage with deep green front door and window, and flower pots outside


We spent pretty much every day on the beach – when the weather is this good it seems rude not to! It was amazing to see the change in Max this year. When he was little, he really hated the beach – the texture of the sand and the heat was all just too much for him. But on our St Ives visit last year he embraced the sand and loved building sandcastles, and this time it was the water that he got brave with.

Porthmeor beach is the perfect place for little ones as the water is so shallow, and when the tide goes out it leaves huge shallow pools, so it’s easy to avoid the waves if your child is a bit wary of them.

I took Max down to the beach after dinner one evening, just the two of us, and we had a great time building sandcastles and jumping in the waves. It’s so difficult to carve out that one to one time in our normal lives, but I got lots of opportunities to do it on holiday and I think it improved our relationship so much.



Little boy running through pool of water on the beach in the sunshine

Little boy paddling in rock pools

Little boy running towards the sea


Our time in St Ives whizzed by, just as it does every year, and we left already planning our next trip. That’s always the sign of a good holiday in my book!


Woman in white dress and straw hat, walking towards the sea, holding baby

Family sitting on the beach in St Ives, Cornwall, with the sea behind them

Woman standing on beach, looking out to sea as the sun sets

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